Javelin Fundamentals: Guidelines for Setting Up An Effective Throwing Sessi

by Sean Furey
Javelin Fundamentals: Guidelines for Setting Up An Effective Throwing Sessi


Are you struggling with navigating the crazy training compilations you see on social media and want a systematic approach to developing javelin training sessions??

This course will help javelin coaches and self coached javelin athletes learn how to set up effective javelin training sessions so that they can improve technique, improve overall physical capacity to handle the stresses of the javelin throw and ultimately throw personal bests when it matters most.

Components covered include:

  • Warm Ups: Fitness enables technique
  • Throwing Position Drills: Understand the mechanics
  • Running with the Javelin: Sprint with your hands, throw with your legs
  • Ball Throws: Transfer power from the ground up
  • Throwing with the Javelin: Put it all together
  • Cool Down: Keep the sword sharp

The course will describe the objectives of each component and provide specific guidelines with detailed examples. Practical application and sample training session are also provided for coaches to implement.

You will love Coach Sean's high energy style and will certainly walk away with clear concepts of how to shape your future training sessions.


The Coach

Coach Sean Furey has been coaching and consulting with athletes at the high school, college and Olympic level since 2017. Prior to that, he had a 20-year post collegiate javelin throwing career, that saw him compete in two Olympic Games (’12 , ’16), two IAAF World Championships (’09, ’15) and two Pan American Games (’11, ’15). Sean also competed in the USA national championships for 14 straight years, winning three times (’10, ’14, ’15). Sean spent 10 years training at the US Olympic training center in Chula Vista, Calif., where he was surrounded by some of the best throwing coaches and athletes from all over the world. Sean is beyond excited to share his experiences with the Coach Tube athletes and coaches and help them to realize their true potential.

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