Mac Wilkins presents: Al Feuerbach Basic 70ft Shot Putting

by Mac Wilkins
Mac Wilkins presents: Al Feuerbach Basic 70ft Shot Putting


In all of sport, no discipline requires more explosive power than the shot put. Although some genetic gift is necessary to achieve world class results, anyone who studies the basics and makes a dedicated effort can achieve success. 

Glide and Spin, beginners to advanced, Basic 70’ Shot Putting covers the technique and drills, common errors and how to avoid them.  
Also includes Al Feuerbach singing his hit single, “Shot Put Blues”!

Al Feuerbach - Glide         
Al finished 4th in the 1972 Olympics and 5th in the 1976 Games.  In 1973 Al broke the World Record  with a throw of 21.82m, 71’ 7”.   
At 6’ 1” Al’s best competitive weight was 250lbs.
In 1971 he was US National Champion in the shot put and Olympic weight lifting in the 110kg, 242lb, class on the same weekend.

Over a career of 22 years he traveled nearly 1 million miles to compete in the shot over 500 times.  
Al Feuerbach knows how to put the shot and he's here to share his knowledge with you.

Dave Laut - Rotation                                                                                                                           
American Record Holder in the shot put, 22.02m, 72’ 3”, set in 1982.  At 6’3”, 245lbs,Dave won the Bronze Medal in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.  
Mac Wilkins, national indoor champion in the shot with a lifetime best of 69' 1", will show you how to master the rotational style of shot putting.
Learn shot put technique from two relatively “little guys”, Feuerbach and Laut.


The Coach


Mac Wilkins

Olympic Champion & Former World Record Holder


Mac Wilkins
Olympic Champion and former World Record Holder was one the best all around throwers in the world. 
As a coach he is sought by throwers of all levels from around the world for his knowledge and expertise.

1976  Olympic Champion - Gold Medal - Olympic Record - Ranked #1 in World
1980  US Boycott  -  Ranked #1 in World
1984  Olympic Silver Medal
1988  Olympic 5th Place
(4)  Four Times World Record Holder  69.18m, 69.80m, 70.24m, 70.86m    1976
(5)  Five Times American Record Holder  70.98m  1980
(8)  Eight Times US National Champion Discus Throw 1973-1988
1977    US National Champion Shot Put - Indoor 21.06m
1973    NCAA Champion –Discus Throw, 3rd Place Shot Put
14 Competitive Throws beyond 70 meters (229'9")...  
#4 All Time top ten competition average
Mac's PRs  -  World's Best Combination of Four Throws
Shot Put 21.06m, Discus 70.98m, Javelin 78.44m, and Hammer 63.88m.
High School Bests:  Discus 170' 10",  Shot Put 58',  Javelin 195"

Mac threw the javelin 78.44m, 257' 8" as a 19 year old freshman at the University of Oregon.  As a senior he was NCAA Champion in the discus and won the first of Eight US National Championships in the discus. 

Wilkins broke the World's Record Four times in his career. During his series on May 1, 1976 in San Jose, California, he set the world record on three consecutive throws of 69.80m, 70.24m, and 70.86m.        
Mac was US National Champion indoors in the shot put in 1977 with a best of 21.06m, 69' 1.5". 

Elite Athletes  
Mac provided significant time or guidance to the following throwers to help them achieve their success
2012  Krishna Poonia, India - 6th Place London Olympics
2010  Krishna Poonia, India - Commonwealth Games Gold Medal,
2010  Jason Young, USA - longest US thrower 2010
2009  Dani Samuels, Australia - World Championships Gold Medal
2008  Stephanie Trafton, USA - Olympic Champion Gold Medal
2008  Annie Hess, Concordia U. 58.69m, 192' Longest US College Woman Discus Thrower at any level in 2008, 3xNAIA National Champion (developed in 3 years from 45m)                
2001  Adam Setliff, USA - 5th Place World Championships                                                                
2000  Adam Setliff, USA – 5th Place Sydney Olympics

Collegiate Coach   2006 – 2013    Concordia University, Portland OR.                                    
In 8 Years Mac has developed 24 National Champions and 94 All Americans in javelin, shot put, discus & hammer.

In August 2013, Wilkins left Concordia University to coach for USA Track & Field at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista California..

Ratings and Reviews (4)


Another good video! Al doesn't break it down quite as much as Mac does for the discus (relatively speaking) in 'Gold Medal Discus', however it is still a great video. Al goes over everything that goes into a great throw. I only wish I had watched this when I was first learning to throw shot, it would have really started me out on the right foot. The man definitely knows how to throw a shot and knows the concepts behind them! 15 dollars well spent!

Apr 15, 15 06:33 PM

Jason Garcia

Greatest Shot and Discus video of all time! It stands the test of time! A friend burned me a VHS in high school and I lost it in college. A few years ago I finally bought the DVD from MAC and once again it was lost ( a student never returned it). I will buy this as long as I am a student of the Discus and Shot.

Dec 8, 19 08:49 PM


Loved it

Oct 10, 20 03:16 PM

Cleopatra Borel

I love this course! It was a vital part of my development as a thrower!!

Feb 14, 23 05:54 PM

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