Daniel McQuaid

Mcthrows.com presents Glide Shot Putting Drills and Technique

This video includes an analysis of what constitutes excellent glide shot technique. I break down the technique of three elite athletes in order to illustrate glide shot concepts. Simple dirlls are provided that can be used to build excellent technique with throwers of all ages and levels of experience.

Glide Shot Put
1 Glide Shot Put Drills and Technique 35:14

Daniel McQuaid Daniel McQuaid

Dan McQuaid has coached the throws at Wheaton North High School for twenty-six years. His program at Wheaton North typically has 30-40 athletes, so he has had ample opportunity to experiment with various methods of building sound technique. Coach McQuaid has also travelled extensively and harassed many high-level coaches in an effort to learn their methods. He currently writes a throws blog at Mcthrows.com.

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