Three Things I Know... About Rotational Shot & Discus

by Mac Wilkins
Three Things I Know... About Rotational Shot & Discus


These three essential elements of the throw can be taught the first day to beginners and must be mastered by professionals.
Over the years I have always looked for the common denominator for the throws.  What is true at all levels of throwing?  What is easy to understand for beginners and what the best in the world must do to achieve their best.  These three concepts can be the foundation of great technique with any personal style. They are the building blocks that need to be refined every year. They are also great high level concepts to focus on in the final phase of preparation for the "Big Meet" of the year. 


The Coach


Mac Wilkins

Olympic Champion & Former World Record Holder


Mac Wilkins is an American Olympic athlete who was once the best discus and shot put thrower in the world. 

Mac Wilkins the Coach… 
In Eight Years from 2006 through 2013 Wilkins coached the throws at Concordia University, in Portland, OR. His throwers won 26 individual National Championships and earned 94 All-American honors. 

In August 2013, Wilkins left Concordia University to coach for the USATF at the US Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista California. 

He has contributed as a part time coach or consultant to the following throwers:
•2012- Krishna Poonia, India        #6 London Olympics 
•2010- Krishna Poonia, India        Commonwealth Champion, W-DT 
•2010- Jason Y   USA                 #1 US M-DT, Olympian 
•2009- Dani S, Australia              World Champion W-DT 
•2008- Stephanie T   USA            Olympic Champion W-DT 
•2008  Annie Hess, Concordia U.  Longest US College W-DT at any level in 2008,  
                                                 (3 years from 45m, 147’ to 58.69m, 192') 
•2001- Adam S   USA                 #5 World Championships 
•2000- Adam S   USA                 #5 Sydney Olympics M-DT
*1996 - Adam S   USA                  Finalist Atlanta Olympic Games
*1988 '92 '96   Ramon Jimenez Gaona         Paraguay     Olympian & Pac-10 Champion
*1976 '80        Lynne Winbigler Anderson      USA            Olympian & National Champion
Mac Wilkins the Thrower…
Olympic Gold Medal 1976
Olympic Silver Medal 1984
Olympic 5th place 1988
Four Times World Record Holder
Eight Times US National Champion in the Discus
Ranked #1 in the World in 1976 and 1980 in the discus.
US National Champion 1977 Indoor Shot Put - 
69’ 1.5”, 21.06m
At the University of Oregon he threw the javelin 78.44m, 257' 8" as a 19 year old freshman.  
As a senior he was NCAA Champion and won the first of his eight US titles.  

All Time Life Records...
Discus 70.98m 232' 10"   Shot Put 
21.06m 69’ 1.5”   Javelin 78.44m 257' 4"   Hammer 63.88m 208’ 10”.

May 1, 1976, he broke the World’s Record on his first three consecutive attempts at 69.80m, 70.24m, and 70.86m.

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Mac devotes a significant portion of this video to coming out of the back of the circle properly. His commentary and the many videos and pictures he uses really help to explain what to do and how to do it. More courses with this level of detail are sorely needed. Thanks, Mac

Jan 11, 16 12:43 PM

Ray Bzibziak

An excellent resource that breaks down all the key facets of the discus throw . Every time you view the text, pictures, videos or listen to the discussion, you learn or reinforce a piece of the whole picture that will take you to the next level...... and beyond. This course covers the skills to master in order to be successful and explains/emphasizes them in a way that you just don't find explained in other videos or books. The key elements you need to excel at in order to make marked improvements are emphasized in a concise way and thoroughly explained. This is the recipe to follow that won't disappoint.

Jan 12, 16 02:27 AM


Lots of good information to share with my throws coaches.

Sep 29, 17 02:10 PM

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