Triphasic Training Throwers Manual

The Triphasic Throws Manual is meant to include training methods specifically designed to enhance the development of the physical qualities of the track and field throwing athlete to the highest extent. This manual has been created to take every coach step-by-step through a yearly macrocycle of training with the intent to improve strength, power, and speed, as well the body’s energy systems, in order to take performance to the highest possible level. The goal of this manual is to present the Triphasic Training concepts in a manner so that the high school track coach, one that has little understanding of human physiology or strength-and-conditioning, can successfully employ these training principles to the highest degree. The concepts utilized in the Triphasic Throws Training model will be thoroughly explained, and all aspects of performance will be covered in great detail. The utilization of the concepts explained in this manual will lead to dramatic increases in strength, power, and speed that will transfer to massive improvements in sporting results.

The program provided in this manual represents one to be completed by an elite level throwing athlete. However, the training methods explained in this manual may look advanced, they can be easily adapted to fit the needs of any level of thrower. Beginner, to intermediate, and elite. If you wish to discuss programming possibilities for younger athletes, please contact The training system demonstrated in this manual is the product of years attempted to create an all-encompassing, methodical approach to physical training for the sport of throwing.

0.0 Intro Triphasic Throws Manual Program
1 0.0 Preface
1.0 Triphasic Throws Manual Program
2 1.0-1.3 Understanding and Implementing the Program
3 1.4 Annual Plan Overviews
4 1.4.1 NCAA DI Annual Plan
5 1.4.2 NCAA DII/DIII Annual Plan
6 1.4.3 High School Compressed Seasonal Plan
7 1.4.4 High School Seasonal Plan Option 2 (Downloadable)
8 1.5 Programs Overview
9 5-day Oxidative Day 1
10 5-day Oxidative Day 2
11 5-day Oxidative Day 3
12 5-day Oxidative Day 4
13 5-day Oxidative Day 5
14 Triphasic Training System Aerobic Training Concepts Part 1
15 Triphasic Training System Aerobic Training Concepts Part 2
16 Triphasic Training System Aerobic Training Concepts Part 3
17 5-day Glycolytic Day 1
18 5-day Glycolytic Day 2
19 5-day Glycolytic Day 3
20 5-day Glycolytic Day 4
21 5-day Glycolytic Day 5
22 Lactate Retention Method Triphasic Training Super Method
23 4-day ATP-Pcr Day 1
24 4-day ATP-Pcr Day 2
25 4-day ATP-Pcr Day 3
26 4-day ATP-Pcr Day 4
27 Safety Bar Split Squat - Most Effective Athlete Lift Part 1
28 Safety Bar Split Squat -Most Effective Athlete Lift - Part 2
29 5-day Eccentric Day 1
30 5-day Eccentric Day 2
31 5-day Eccentric Day 3
32 5-day Eccentric Day 4
33 5-day Eccentric Day 5
34 5-day Isometric Day 1
35 5-day Isometric Day 2
36 5-day Isometric Day 3
37 5-day Isometric Day 4
38 5-day Isometric Day 5
39 5-day Concentric Day 1
40 5-day Concentric Day 2
41 5-day Concentric Day 3
42 5-day Concentric Day 4
43 5-day Concentric Day 5
44 5-day Power Day 1
45 5-day Power Day 2
46 5-day Power Day 3
47 5-day Power Day 4
48 5-day Power Day 5
49 5-day Speed Day 1
50 5-day Speed Day 2
51 5-day Speed Day 3
52 5-day Speed Day 4
53 5-day Speed Day 5
54 3-day Eccentric Day 1
55 3-day Eccentric Day 2
56 3-day Eccentric Day 3
57 3-day Isometric Day 1
58 3-day Isometric Day 2
59 3-day Isometric Day 3
60 3-day Concentric Day 1
61 3-day Concentric Day 2
62 3-day Concentric Day 3
63 3-day Power Day 1
64 3-day Power Day 2
65 3-day Power Day 3
66 3-day Speed Day 1
67 3-day Speed Day 2
68 3-day Speed Day 3
69 3-day Hybrid Day 1
70 3-day Hybrid Day 2
71 3-day Hybrid Day 3
72 1.5.15 Oxidative Download Week
73 Speed Download Day 1
74 Speed Download Day 2
75 Speed Download Day 3
76 1.6 Exercise Alternatives
2.0 Foundational Concepts
77 2.1 Throwing Background
78 2.2 Optimal Application of Stress
79 2.3 Transfer of Training
80 2.4 Injury Prevention
81 2.5 High Quality v Work Capacity
3.0 Triphasic Methodology
82 3.0 Triphasic Methodology Intro
83 3.1 Eccentric Muscle Action
84 3.2 Isometric Muscle Action
85 3.3 Concentric Muscle Action
86 3.4 Stress an Untraining Story
87 The Importance of Triphasic Training
88 Triphasic Training Spring Model Tissue Concepts
4.0 Triphasic Training Periodization Model
90 4.2 Weekly Undulation
91 4.3 GPP
92 4.4 ABOVE 80
93 4.5 55-80 BLOCK
94 4.6 Below 55 Training
5.0 Other Important Concepts
95 5.1 Two Spring Model
96 5.2 Recovery
97 5.3 Olympic Lifts
98 Triphasic Fast Twitch Repeated Sprint Ability RSA Sequencing Method Part 1
99 Triphasic Fast Twitch Repeated Sprint Ability RSA Sequencing Method Part 2
100 Triphasic Fast Twitch Repeated Sprint Ability RSA Sequencing Method Part 3
101 Triphasic Fast Twitch Repeated Sprint Ability RSA Sequencing Method Part 4
6.0 Throws Specific Training
102 6.0 Throws Specific Training
7.0 Conclusion
103 7.0 Conclusion
104 Triphasic Training Cycle Duration Hack
8.0 Downloadable Training Programs
105 1.4.1 NCAA DI Annual Plan (Downloadable)
106 1.4.2 NCAA DII/DIII Annual Plan (Downloadable)
107 1.4.3 High School Compressed Seasonal Plan (Downloadable)
108 5-day Oxidative Day 1 (Downloadable)
109 5-day Oxidative Day 2 (Downloadable)
110 5-day Oxidative Day 3 (Downloadable)
111 5-day Oxidative Day 4 (Downloadable)
112 5-day Oxidative Day 5 (Downloadable)
113 5-day Glycolytic Day 1 (Downloadable)
114 5-day Glycolytic Day 2 (Downloadable)
115 5-day Glycolytic Day 3 (Downloadable)
116 5-day Glycolytic Day 4 (Downloadable)
117 5-day Glycolytic Day 5 (Downloadable)
118 4-day ATP-Pcr Day 1 (Downloadable)
119 4-day ATP-Pcr Day 2 (Downloadable)
120 4-day ATP-Pcr Day 3 (Downloadable)
121 4-day ATP-Pcr Day 4 (Downloadable)
122 5-day Eccentric Day 1 (Downloadable)
123 5-day Eccentric Day 2 (Downloadable)
124 5-day Eccentric Day 3 (Downloadable)
125 5-day Eccentric Day 4 (Downloadable)
126 5-day Eccentric Day 5 (Downloadable)
127 5-day Isometric Day 1 (Downloadable)
128 5-day Isometric Day 2 (Downloadable)
129 5-day Isometric Day 3 (Downloadable)
130 5-day Isometric Day 4 (Downloadable)
131 5-day Isometric Day 5 (Downloadable)
132 5-day Concentric Day 1 (Downloadable)
133 5-day Concentric Day 2 (Downloadable)
134 5-day Concentric Day 3 (Downloadable)
135 5-day Concentric Day 4 (Downloadable)
136 5-day Concentric Day 5 (Downloadable)
137 5-day Power Day 1 (Downloadable)
138 5-day Power Day 2 (Downloadable)
139 5-day Power Day 3 (Downloadable)
140 5-day Power Day 4 (Downloadable)
141 5-day Power Day 5 (Downloadable)
142 5-day Speed Day 1 (Downloadable)
143 5-day Speed Day 2 (Downloadable)
144 5-day Speed Day 3 (Downloadable)
145 5-day Speed Day 4 (Downloadable)
146 5-day Speed Day 5 (Downloadable)
147 3-day Eccentric Day 1 (Downloadable)
148 3-day Eccentric Day 2 (Downloadable)
149 3-day Eccentric Day 3 (Downloadable)
150 3-day Isometric Day 1 (Downloadable)
151 3-day Isometric Day 2 (Downloadable)
152 3-day Isometric Day 3 (Downloadable)
153 3-day Concentric Day 1 (Downloadable)
154 3-day Concentric Day 2 (Downloadable)
155 3-day Concentric Day 3 (Downloadable)
156 3-day Power Day 1 (Downloadable)
157 3-day Power Day 2 (Downloadable)
158 3-day Power Day 3 (Downloadable)
159 3-day Speed Day 1 (Downloadable)
160 3-day Speed Day 2 (Downloadable)
161 3-day Speed Day 3 (Downloadable)
162 3-day Hybrid Day 1 (Downloadable)
163 3-day Hybrid Day 2 (Downloadable)
164 3-day Hybrid Day 3 (Downloadable)
165 1.5.15 Oxidative Download Week (Downloadable)
166 3-day Speed Download Day 1 (Downloadable)
167 3-day Speed Download Day 2 (Downloadable)
168 3-day Speed Download Day 3 (Downloadable)
9.0 Bonus Content
169 Optimal Off Season Speed and Conditioning Guidelines for Lifting and Running for Sprinting Sports
170 Triphasic Training Exersise Manual Ankle Rocker Part 1
171 Triphasic Training Exercise Manual Ankle Rocker Part 2
172 RPR Breathing Reset - Reflexive Performance Reset Effects Part 1
173 RPR Breathing Reset - Reflexive Performance Reset Effects Part 2
174 Bench Press Setup for Athletes to get Stronger and More Explosive - Triphasic Training

caldietz Cal Dietz Strength and Human Performance Coach, Sport Science Consultant

Cal Dietz, Strength and Human Performance Coach, Sport Science Consultant

Current Position
Strength Coach at the University of Minnesota, Department of Athletics



Cal Dietz has been the Head Olympic Strength and Conditioning coach for numerous sports at the University of Minnesota since 2000. Since Dietz’s return to Minnesota he has developed the Strength and Conditioning Programs and over seen the daily progress in Men’s Hockey from 2000-present, Men’s’ Basketball from 2004-2010, Women’s Hockey from 2003-present, Men’s Golf from 2000-present, Men’s Swimming from 2000-Present, Track and Field from 2000-present, Baseball from 2000-present, and Wrestling from 2000 to 2004. During his tenure, Dietz has trained: a Hobey Baker Award winner, two Big Ten Athletes of the Year, athletes that have achieved 540+ All-American honors, 34 Big Ten/WCHA championships teams and 7 NCAA Team Champions, and 13 teams finish in the top four in the nation. He has consulted with Olympic and World Champions in various sports and professional athletes in the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, and Professional Boxing.


Also, during his time at the university help founded and chairs the Sport Biomechanics Interest Group with its purpose to explore the physiological and biomechanical aspects of advanced human performance encompassing the various aspects of kinesiology, biomechanics, neuro-mechanics and physics.  This will be achieved by utilizing extensive research theories and applied knowledge in the multi-disciplinary field of human performance. Utilizing through a collaborative effort which involving numerous professional perspectives from diverse areas of academia such also include professionals from Mechanical engineering, Biomechanical Engineering, Orthopedics, and Physiology.  Dietz is also a member of the Gender Equity Committee at the University of Minnesota and currently represents the University as a member of the Big Ten committee to develop performance enhancing policy for anabolic and ergogenic aids.


Major Speaking & Publications:

Speaker at 2001 MN State NSCA Clinic
Published/Posted Dr. Fred Hatfield Website 2001
Speaker at 2001 Ohio State Track Clinic, Columbus, OH
Speaker at 2002 MN State NSCA Clinic
Published in Hockey Mom’s Magazine July 2003
Speaker at 2003 MN State NSCA Clinic
Keynote Speaker at 2004 MN State NSCA Clinic
Speaker at 2005 MN State NSCA Clinic
Speaker at 2006 MN State NSCA Clinic
Speaker at 2006 Frappier Acceleration Corporate Clinic
Speaker at 2006 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition on Biomechanics and Injury Considerations
Speaker at 2007 MN State NSCA Winter Clinic
Published in Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research - Acute Effects of Elastic Bands During the Free-Weight Barbell Back Squat Exercise on Velocity, Power, and Force Production, 2008
Speaker at 2008 NSCA Regional Clinic
Speaker at 2008 Frank Glazier Clinics in Dayton, Cincinnati, Toledo 12 presentations
Speaker at 2008 MN State NSCA Winter Clinic
Published in Strength and Conditioning Journal - Training Explosiveness: Weightlifting and Beyond, 2008
Speaker at 2009 Frank Glazier Clinics in Dayton, Cleveland, Minneapolis – 12 Presentations
Speaker at 2009 Ohio Association of Track and Cross Country Coaches Clinic – 3 Presentations
Speaker at 2009  U.S All- Starr Track & Field/Cross Country Coaches Clinic – 2 Presentations
Question and Answer on Elite Fitness Website 2009
Published in Stack Magazine – Flexibility article for Swimming 2009
Keynote Speaker at 2010 Iowa NSCA  State Conference
Speaker at 2010 Eleiko Strength Summit at Poliquin Performance Center
Speaker at 2010 Central Virginia’s Sports Performance Clinics
Speaker at 2010 Wisconsin Football Coaches Association
Speaker at 2010 Wisconsin Athletic Directors Association Annual Meetings
Speaker at 2011 U.S. Youth Soccer Workshop Louisville Kentucky
Keynote Speaker At 2011 Sioux Falls South Dakota Strength Clinic
Speaker at 2011 Central Virginia Sports Performance Seminar
Speaker at 2011 NSCA National Clinic Las Vegas
Speaker at 2011 Boston Sports Medical Group Conference
2012 Published the Book - Triphasic Training: A Systematic Approach to Elite Speed and Explosive Strength Performance
Speaker at 2012 IMG Academy Symposium
Speaker at 2012 Central Virginia Sports Performance Seminar
Speaker at 2012 University of Findlay Symposium for Scholarship and Creativity
Speaker at 2012 Boston Sports Medical Group Conference
Speaker at 2012 NSCA Headquarters Coaching Symposium
Speaker at 2013 University of Wisconsin RF Coaches Clinic
Speaker at 2013 University of Hawaii Coaches Clinic
Speaker at 2013 University of Minnesota 1st annual coaches clinic
Speaker at 2013 Pennsylvania State Clinic
Speaker at 2013 Woodway Corporate Clinic
Published 2013 Aerobic Capacity is Associated with Improved Repeated Shift Performance in College Hockey Players - Peterson, Baker, Snyder, Fitzgerald, Dietz, Ziegler
2013 Published - Speed and Skill Optimization - A Proposal for a New Practice Paradigm
Speaker 2014 - NSCA National Convention Indianapolis - Advancement in Triphasic Methods
Published 2014 The Relationship Between Aerobic Capacity (VO2peak) and Repeated Shift Performance in Competitive Hockey Players. Peterson, Fitzgerald, Dietz, Ziegler, Ingraham, Baker, Snyder
Published 2014 Off-Ice Anaerobic Power is Not a Good Predictor of On-Ice Acceleration in Hockey Players. Peterson, Baker, Fitzgerald, Snyder, Dietz
Published 2014 Division I hockey players generate more power than Division III players during on- and off-ice performance tests. Peterson, Baker, Fitzgerald, Snyder, Dietz, Ingraham
Speaker 2014 - NSCA - Training For Hockey Clinic - National Strength and Conditioning World Headquarters| Colorado Springs, CO
Speaker at 2014 - Minnesota Sports Performance Clinic
Training and Conditioning Publication September 2014 - Triphasic Training
Speaker at 2015 NSCA National Conference Louisville
Speaker at 2015 MIT Sloan Sports Analytic Conference
Speaker at 2015 Minnesota Sports Performance Clinic
Speaker at 2015 University of Texas Sports Performance Clinic
Speaker at 2015 University of Kansas Sports Performance Clinic
Speaker at 2015 NHL Strength Coaches Meeting
Speaker at 2015 Central Virginia Sports Performance Seminar 
Speaker at 2015 Robert Morris Strength Clinic
Published 2016 - Off-Ice Anaerobic Power does not Predict On-Ice Repeated Shift Performance in Hockey. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
Speaker at 2016 Deer Park Strength Clinic
Published 2016 - Triphasic Tactical Training Manual                        
Speaker at Sanford Power Strength and Conditioning Clinic 2016
Speaker at Paleo Fx Expo Austin 2016
Speaker at Summer Strong Expo 2016
Published 2016 - Reliability of Triaxial Accelerometry for Measuring Load in Men's Collegiate Ice-Hockey.
Published 2016 - Triphasic Training Lacrosse Manual
Speaker at 2017 - NSCA - Virgina Beach TSAC Conference
Speaker at 2017 - NSCA - TSAC National Conference Orlando, FL
Speaker at 2017- NSCA - North Central Regional Conference
Speaker at 2017 - NHSSCA Regional Clinic, Texas
Speaker at 2017- Catapult Clinic, Denver CO
Speaker at 2017 - NSCA - Hockey Clinic - Colorado Springs, CO
Published 2017 - A Chapter in CVASP - The Manual 2

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Provides a comprehensive and in-depth review of the Triphasic system and its implementation into a thrower's training program.
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