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Cal Dietz

Strength and Human Performance Coach, Sport Science Consultant


Cal Dietz has been an Olympic Sports Strength and Conditioning coach for numerous sports at the University of Minnesota since 2000. During his tenure, Dietz has trained athletes that have achieved 540+ All-American honors, 10 NCAA Team National Champions, Teams that have won 34 Big Ten/WCHA championships teams, 29 Big Ten/WCHA Conference tournaments, 22 NCAA Final Four appearances, He has consulted with Olympic and World Champions in various sports and professional athletes in the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, MMA and Professional Boxing.

Academic Degrees:
- The University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, Master’s Degree in Kinesiology, May 1999
- The University of Findlay - Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education, May 1996

Work Experience at University of Minnesota:
- University of Minnesota, October 2000 – Present
- Head Olympic Strength & Conditioning Coach
- 11 NCAA National Team Championships
- 543 NCAA Division One All-Americans Honors Earned by Athletes
- 34 Big Ten/WCHA Conference Championship teams
- 29 Big Ten/WCHA Tournament Conference Championships
- 35 NCAA top ten team finishes
- 83 Big Ten/WCHA top three league finishes
- 22 NCAA top/final four appearances
- 203 Individual Big Ten Champions
- 297 First Team All-Big Ten Honors
- 37 Big Ten Player of the Year Honors
- 7 Individual NCAA National Champions
- 10 World Champions
- 1 Hobie Baker Award winner
- 3 Big Ten athlete of the year
- Responsible for developing strength programs for each of the 10 Olympic varsity athletic programs (Hockey 2000-current, Women’s Hockey 2003-current, Basketball 2006-2010, Wrestling 2000-2006, Swimming 2000-2016, Men’s Golf 2000- 2013, Women’s Golf 2006- 2013, Track 2000-current, Cross-Country 2000-current, Baseball 2000-2006, 2008-2015, Tennis 2000-2006)
- Supervised assistant coaches, student trainers and graduate assistants.
- Administered rehabilitation programs for injured athletes.
- Represented the University of Minnesota in Various community-building events and clinics across the country as a lecturer.
- Advise athletes on nutrition and supplements.
- Trained numerous World and Olympic Champions
- Member of Athletic Departments Gender Equity Committee
- Chair the University of Minnesota’s Sports Biomechanics Interest Group.
- Member of the Big Ten committee for drug testing policies, protocols and procedures.

Major Speaking & Publications:
- Speaker at 2001 MN State NSCA Clinic
- Published/Posted Dr. Fred Hatfield Website 2001
- Speaker at 2001 Ohio State Track Clinic, Columbus, OH
- Speaker at 2002 MN State NSCA Clinic
- Published in Hockey Mom’s Magazine July 2003
- Speaker at 2003 MN State NSCA Clinic
- Keynote Speaker at 2004 MN State NSCA Clinic
- Speaker at 2005 MN State NSCA Clinic
- Speaker at 2006 MN State NSCA Clinic
- Speaker at 2006 Frappier Acceleration Corporate Clinic
- Speaker at 2006 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition on Biomechanics and Injury Considerations
- Speaker at 2007 MN State NSCA Winter Clinic
- Published in Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research - Acute Effects of Elastic Bands During the Free-Weight Barbell Back Squat Exercise on Velocity, Power, and Force Production, 2008
- Speaker at 2008 NSCA Regional Clinic
- Speaker at 2008 Frank Glazier Clinics in Dayton, Cincinnati, Toledo 12 presentations
- Speaker at 2008 MN State NSCA Winter Clinic
- Published in Strength and Conditioning Journal - Training Explosiveness: Weightlifting and Beyond, 2008
- Speaker at 2009 Frank Glazier Clinics in Dayton, Cleveland, Minneapolis – 12 Presentations
- Speaker at 2009 Ohio Association of Track and Cross Country Coaches Clinic – 3 Presentations
- Speaker at 2009 U.S All- Starr Track & Field/Cross Country Coaches Clinic – 2 Presentations
- Question and Answer on Elite Fitness Website 2009
- Published in Stack Magazine – Flexibility article for Swimming 2009
- Keynote Speaker at 2010 Iowa NSCA State Conference
- Speaker at 2010 Eleiko Strength Summit at Poliquin Performance Center
- Speaker at 2010 Central Virginia’s Sports Performance Clinics
- Speaker at 2010 Wisconsin Football Coaches Association
- Speaker at 2010 Wisconsin Athletic Directors Association Annual Meetings
- Speaker at 2011 U.S. Youth Soccer Workshop Louisville Kentucky
- Keynote Speaker At 2011 Sioux Falls South Dakota Strength Clinic
- Speaker at 2011 Central Virginia Sports Performance Seminar
- Speaker at 2011 NSCA National Clinic Las Vegas
- Speaker at 2011 Boston Sports Medical Group Conference
- 2012 Published the Book - Triphasic Training: A Systematic Approach to Elite Speed and Explosive Strength Performance
- Speaker at 2012 IMG Academy Symposium
- Speaker at 2012 Central Virginia Sports Performance Seminar
- Speaker at 2012 University of Findlay Symposium for Scholarship and Creativity
- Speaker at 2012 Boston Sports Medical Group Conference
- Speaker at 2012 NSCA Headquarters Coaching Symposium
- Speaker at 2013 University of Wisconsin RF Coaches Clinic
- Speaker at 2013 University of Hawaii Coaches Clinic
- Speaker at 2013 University of Minnesota 1st annual coaches clinic
- Speaker at 2013 Pennsylvania State Clinic
- Speaker at 2013 Woodway Corporate Clinic
- Published 2013 Aerobic Capacity is Associated with Improved Repeated Shift Performance in College - Hockey Players - Peterson, Baker, Snyder, Fitzgerald, Dietz, Ziegler
- 2013 Published - Speed and Skill Optimization - A Proposal for a New Practice Paradigm
- Speaker 2014 - NSCA National Convention Indianapolis - Advancement in Triphasic Methods
- Published 2014 The Relationship Between Aerobic Capacity (VO2peak) and Repeated Shift Performance in Competitive Hockey Players. Peterson, Fitzgerald, Dietz, Ziegler, Ingraham, Baker, Snyder
- Published 2014 Off-Ice Anaerobic Power is Not a Good Predictor of On-Ice Acceleration in Hockey Players. Peterson, Baker, Fitzgerald, Snyder, Dietz
- Published 2014 Division I hockey players generate more power than Division III players during on- and off-ice performance tests. Peterson, Baker, Fitzgerald, Snyder, Dietz, Ingraham
- Speaker 2014 - NSCA - Training For Hockey Clinic - National Strength and Conditioning World Headquarters| Colorado Springs, CO
- Speaker at 2014 - Minnesota Sports Performance Clinic
- Training and Conditioning Publication September 2014 - Triphasic Training
- Speaker at 2015 NSCA National Conference Louisville
- Speaker at 2015 MIT Sloan Sports Analytic Conference
- Speaker at 2015 Minnesota Sports Performance Clinic
- Speaker at 2015 University of Texas Sports Performance Clinic
- Speaker at 2015 University of Kansas Sports Performance Clinic
- Speaker at 2015 NHL Strength Coaches Meeting
- Speaker at 2015 Central Virginia Sports Performance Seminar
- Speaker at 2015 Robert Morris Strength Clinic
- Published 2016 - Off-Ice Anaerobic Power does not Predict On-Ice Repeated Shift Performance in Hockey. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
- Speaker at 2016 Deer Park Strength Clinic
- Speaker at Sanford Power Strength and Conditioning Clinic 2016
- Speaker at Paleo Fx Expo Austin 2016
- Speaker at Summer Strong Expo 2016
- Published 2016 - Reliability of Triaxial Accelerometry for Measuring Load in Men's Collegiate Ice-Hockey.
- Published 2016 - Triphasic Training Lacrosse Manual

National Athletic Awards, Honors, Activities:
- College Sports Magazine “NAIA 1995 National Male Athlete of the Year ”
- 2x National Champion in Football `92 `95 Team Captain
- National Champions in Wrestling `95
- NAIA Football All-American, `94, `95
- Inducted into the University of Findlay’s Hall of Fame ’05
- Inducted into Hancock County Sports Hall of Fame ‘12
- Honored by Mid-States Football Association all-time team ‘13

Cal Dietz Coaching Mission Statement:
My coaching career will begin with serving humanity in the profession the Lord has chosen for me. I will coach by example with the sole purpose of giving and teaching future generations the understanding of servant leadership skills and the guidance to understand what's right and wrong in the matters of humankind. I want to create a secure culture that fosters open-mindedness, learning, laughter, and teach the strive for excellence. In this environment, all persons will admit and quickly correct mistakes with evaluation of when and why those mistakes happened.I will be a good listener with an open mind and a willingness to share life lessons with other generations. I will never stop to grow, learn and seek enlightenment. I will only celebrate with the success of others and facility their path to greatness. I will take ownership to coach for the improvement of your future leaders and their effect on the betterment of humankind.
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