The Art of Setting

The Art of Setting is a total of 2 hours long. It breaks down a wall setting series that, if mastered and trained right daily, will maximize your setters setting ability. It breaks down footwork patterns that, if perfected, will allow your setter to get to any ball on the court effectively and efficiently. It consists of warm up drills that allow your setter a ton of setting reps while warming up their body for practice. It also has drills that you can do with one setter to teach and perfect footwork, hips to target, weight transfer, hand contact, release and finish. It will teach you many different types of drills that you can do with multiple setters to work on these same concepts. There is also a lesson that contains core exercises to teach your setter to be aware of their body, to be able to control their body and therefore be able to control the ball when they set. 

1 Using This Video - Free
Wall Setting
2 Wall Setting Series - Basic 12:33
3 Wall Setting Series - Advanced 12:39
Warm up
4 Warm up - Walking Progression 04:22
5 Warm up - Sideline to Sideline 00:52
6 Basic Footwork Patterns 04:14
7 Live Footwork 09:04
One Setter Progressions
8 Front Sets 05:26
9 Back Sets 05:02
10 Self Toss and Set 02:32
11 Dig and Set 02:46
12 Footwork with Set 08:33
Group Setting Drills
13 Combo Setting Drills 05:33
14 Charly Drill 05:06
15 Dig and Set Series 02:41
16 Square Setting 02:05
17 Line Setting 03:00
Out of System
18 Triangle - Out of System Setting 10:27
19 Distance Setting 03:17
Middle Attack
20 Quick Sets 04:29
Advanced Drills
21 Peripheral Vision 02:39
22 Core Exercises 04:57

CJWhitted Charlene Whitted Olympian and NCAA Champion Coach

Charlene Johnson Whitted (formerly Johnson-Tagaloa) has built an impressive volleyball resume as an Olympian, NCAA Division I National Champion coach, Youth and Junior National Team Coach with USA Volleyball, international professional player and collegiate 2x All-American. Her accolades include numerous MVP and All-American awards, Hall of Fame Inductee, Gold Medal Winner, and more.

Career Highlights include:

  • 2015 Assistant Coach, BYU
  • 2012-13 Junior National Team Coach
  • 2010-11 Youth National Team Coach
  • 2010 Youth Olympics Coach, Singapore
  • 2006 National Champion Coach, Nebraska
  • 2006 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 2000 Olympian
  • 1999 NORCECA Best Setter Award
  • 1999 Bronze Medal, Pan American Games
  • 2x AVCA All-American
  • 1994 WAC Player of the Year
  • 1991 WAC Freshman of the Year
  • 2x Junior Olympics MVP

Charlene has spent the past fifteen years, except the years she was coaching at University of Nebraska, as the Director of Volleyball for American College Connection, providing college volleyball recruiting services through her website at www.VolleyballRecruitingCoach.com. She also acts as the instructor of Charlene Johnson Whitted Volleyball Camps, conducting camps all across the country. Her camp schedule and complete bio are available at www.cjwvolleyball.com.

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