The Dynamic Wrestling System - Level 2 of 16

Level 2:

Key Concepts to learn:
Explanation of the rules (with points)
Explanation of what a takedown is
Don’t go underneath the other guy!

1) How to stop someone from spinning behind you
2) Near arm-pit (go behind)
3) Snap Down (then go behind)
4) The Dump Truck (The most important move in youth/beginner wrestling)

Physical Requirements:
3 dump trucks each in 30 seconds
1 Perfect Pushup
30 Neck ups (and side to sides)
1 Negative pull-up
2 Head and hands to each side (without falling)
20 Situps
Stay in wrestling stance 1 full minute
1 Wall Crawl
Plank position 40 seconds

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Mike N. Garone
Mike Garone

Very important techniques, including dump truck drill which is very important for getting out of pins
Jul 17, 17 05:18 PM