The Dynamic Wrestling System - Level 4 of 16

Level 4:

Key Concepts to learn:
What is a tilt?

1) Crab-ride tilt
2) Rear-standing crab-ride
3) Duck Under
4) Barzagar finish from 1 knee
5) Good position on high crotch on both knees
6) Step-up knee-slide
7) In depth break-down of T-rex.

Physical Requirements:
10 perfect pushups
50 neck-ups and side to sides
7 Dump trucks each in 30 seconds
40 situps
Stay in wrestling stance for 2 minutes
1 Perfect Pull-up
10 wall crawls
2 Just hands to each side

JasonLayton JasonLayton

Jason Layton is a 2x All-American Wrestler, a 2x NAGA Brazilian Jujitsu World Champion, and a member of MENSA from Long Island, New York.

One-on-one wrestling instruction has been Jason’s full-time job since 2008. Jason’s coaching goals include building Division 1 national champions from the ground up, improving Long Island wrestling, building champion youth wrestlers, and sharing his technical knowledge with the rest of the world.

Jason opened the Dynamic Wrestling Academy in 2014 where his dream continues. This is the curriculum that he uses to build champion wrestlers from the ground up.

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Clear detailed teaching that contains principles (they why) behind some of the moves.
Dec 16, 18 05:31 PM