The Dynamic Wrestling System - Level 6 of 16

Level 6:

Key Concepts to learn:
High-level attack definition (the safest type of attack)

1) high-level reach double
2) Body-lock
3) high level single and perfect position on a single
4) Single leg defense (breaking the lock)
5) Single leg defense (the power of the whizzer)
6) Single leg finish from the feet
7) Bipod (crab ride attack)
8) Spider-web position

Physical Requirements:
20 perfect pushups
70 Neck ups (and side to sides)
60 situps
3 Perfect Pull-ups

JasonLayton JasonLayton

This guy might know a thing or two about wrasslin, you decide for yourself.

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Mike N. Garone
Mike Garone

Shows more ways to score from neutral and from crab-ride position as well
Jul 17, 17 05:34 PM


Clear detailed teaching that contains principles (they why) behind some of the moves.
Dec 16, 18 05:31 PM