The Dynamic Wrestling System - Level 7 of 16

Level 7:
Key Concepts to learn:
The whizzer position (under-hook, over-hook, seatbelt definition)
Never step over the whizzer or the seatbelt!

1) Using the whizzer
2) Throwing with the far arm (mistake)
3) Re-grabbing and throwing
4) When they step over the whizzer
5) When they step over the seatbelt
6) Limp-arm
7) Limp-arm defense
8) Beef Wellington
9) Deep Wellington

Physical Requirements:
25 perfect pushups
80 Neck ups (and side to sides)
70 Situps
5 Perfect Pull-ups

JasonLayton JasonLayton

Jason Layton, 2x All-American, Coaching 10 years.

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Mike N. Garone
Mike Garone

Helpful for defending a single
Jul 21, 17 08:08 PM


Clear detailed teaching that contains principles (they why) behind some of the moves.
Dec 16, 18 05:32 PM