A Yin Fling in Summer

by Martine Ford


Powerful and Passionate

Come pique your curiosity and soothe your senses with a foray into Yin Yoga. This is the perfect practice to complement the more dynamic ‘Yang’ practices like Ashtanga or Vinyasa Yoga. Yin Yoga consists of mostly floor stretching poses, typically held for 2-5 minutes. Yin poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues, tendons, fascia and ligaments, with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. It also improves the flow of ‘Chi’ (energy) through the meridians (energy channels) of the body, as in the Chinese Medicine Theory.

A Yin Fling in Summer was designed for the season of summer so poses used target the meridians (energy channels) of the Heart and Small Intestines and also include a second organ pair,   the Pericardium and the Triple Burner. According to the Chinese Five Element theory, the body is made up of the same five primary elements that exist in nature – Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth and Water. Each of these elements links to different organs, and affects us physically and psychologically.

In summer the Fire Element is strongest, so activating the meridians of the heart, small intestine, pericardium and triple burner brings balance to these organs, providing us with the ability to draw on the expansive warmth of fire and reach out and relate to the world like a blossoming flower.

The poses in Yin are held typically for 2 – 5 mins which is needed to eustress the tendons, ligaments, fascia, muscles and joint capsules. Maximum intensity is never the aim in Yin Yoga so we do not take joints to their extreme ranges of motion, instead we aim for 60 – 90 % intensity. In these long holds you will practice mindfulness, noticing what is going on in your mind at any given moment, but not get carried away by it.

Before you start the class I suggest you read the Yin Yoga Practice Guidelines document, so you have an understanding of the safest way to practice.

You can expect a cooling pranayama (breath-work) and poses that activate the inner and outer arms, side-bends, twists, heart opening back bends and soothing forward bends. This class encourages endless expressions of power, strength, joy, love and compassion.. Come practice with me!


The Coach


Martine Ford

Yoga Instructor & Founder of Spirit Yoga


Martine's love for movement began at four, when she enrolled in her first ballet class in the coastal town of Port Macquarie. She continued with that passion, studying and performing various styles of dance, before fulfilling her next love, producing two beautiful and busy boys (now young men).

After searching for something to fulfill her desire again for movement and passion a friend suggested Power Yoga classes. Martine began practicing Power Vinyasa Yoga in 2006 and loved the transformative effect the classes had on her physically, and more surprisingly, mentally and emotionally. "I loved the way Power Yoga could transform my whole mood by the end of the class, and I could walk away feeling joyful, retrospective, courageous or just relaxed depending on what happened on the mat that day! With continued practice I realised that this style of yoga was a moving meditation and with time I was enjoying staying present during class, not having to fidget or be constantly distracted by a busy mind."

It was this love for yoga and it's many physical and spiritual benefits that inspired Martine to start her own business, Spirit Yoga in 2010. With a thirst for more yoga knowledge she has also become qualified in teaching Yin Yoga, yoga to children of all ages as well as pre/post-natal yoga students. Martine teaches varied students, in various location. She teaches kids, teens, and adults of all ages. She teaches in gyms, yoga studios, the Crossfit Box, school halls (for sport elective), people's loungerooms, in the Great Outdoors and Entertainment Centres. Her Power Yoga (yang) classes are a playful fusion of Power Vinyasa Yoga (flowing), Core Vinyasa Yoga (CSV) and Yoga Therapy (Chinese Meridian Activation). The Still Yoga (yin) classes are mostly seated poses (asana) with the addition of pranayama, mindfulness and a guided relaxation.

Many courses and workshops have been facilitated by Martine including Active Nation Day 2014 for Lorna Jane Port Macquarie, presenting at Ekam Yoga Festival (Port Macquarie), Kids Yoga Workshops in the 'Glasshouse' (the local Arts, Conference and Entertainment Centre), Kids Yoga Classes for Primary and High School Sport Elective and also Adult courses for the Community College.

Eager to spread the benefits of yoga afar, she is now playing author and is onto her second series of yoga e-Books self published by Spirit Yoga on Amazon. The first series was, Yoga for the Seasons which consists of five e-Books for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The next is The Spirit Yoga Health Series which is a collection of five yoga e-Books designed to benefit a particular health concern and made into and easy to follow class.

Martine is enjoying being able to share her love of yoga in Port Macquarie and afar, and encourages her students of all ages to live from a place of peace, strength and clarity.


Yin Yoga - Jo Phee @ P.L.A.Y (Power Living Australia Yoga) 2015.
Advanced Assisting Course - P.L.A.Y (Power Living Australia Yoga) 2015.
Sadie Nardini Online Rockstar Teacher Training - 2013
Advanced/Level 3 Teacher Training - P.L.A.Y. - Byron Bay 2011
Advanced Kids Yoga Teacher Training - Zenergy 4 Kids - Sydney 2011.
Kids Yoga Teacher Training - Zenergy 4 Kids - Sydney 2010.
Pre & Post Natal Yoga Training - Yoga Institute - Syd 2010
Advanced Vinyasa Training - Power Living Australia Yoga - Sydney 2009
Assisting Program - Power Living Australia Yoga - Sydney 2009
Teacher Training Level 2 - Power Living Australia Yoga - Sydney 2008
Teacher Training Level 1 - Power Living Australia Yoga - Sydney 2008
Diploma in Dance - Queenland Dance School of Excellence (QDSE) - Brisbane 1986

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Emily Pitt

Great calming session to stretch the arms and upper body

Mar 6, 17 10:29 AM

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