Tao Yoga for Athletes

The practice of Tao Yoga dates back over 2000 years to the Chinese who used these Taoist meditations for their martial arts, health, and longevity. In the past centuries these practices were secret and taught to only a few privileged students willing to practice for years to learn the basic principals. We are fortunate to have Loren Reid bring these eastern Taoist teachings to us in a way that is quickly learned and easily mastered.

1 Introduction to Tao Yoga 05:19
Yoga Classes
2 Opening your Body for Back Bends 1:05:55

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After 16 years of study Lauren Reid has achieved numerous advanced certifications to teach Tao practices. He combines a sophisticated blend of Eastern energy meditations, and martial arts. He is able to present his studies in a fun and easy to understand format that most students can realize huge benefits in a fairly short amount of time. Give this practice a try for 30 days and you will feel amazing benefits, use coupon. Remember you can cancel at anytime using the member cancelation link. Try our Tao Yoga today and improve your life immensely.

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