Congratulations, Coach, by now the team should look like a well-oiled machine.

First 15 Minutes (Warm-up)

Use the standard warm-up routine: stretching, moderate jog to a finishing sprint. Then, catching, throwing and ground-ball lines. Always stress mechanics. Make sure you leave plenty of room between each girl during warm-ups.

Next 2 Minutes (Water Break)

Keep your players hydrated with a water break. But have them hustle back on the field

Next 20 Minutes (Infield Pop-ups)

The mechanics for catching a pop-up are the same as the ones the girls have learned and have been using to catch a fly ball: get to the spot, position your body behind the ball and let the ball come down to you. The difference is the trajectory of the ball. Fly balls come down on more of an angle. Pop-ups have a tendency to come down in more of a straight line, sometimes moving back toward home plate. The danger with pop-ups is the number of people in a close area chasing the ball.

You, as a coach, need to institute and teach a yield system. Your shortstop is in charge and everyone yields to her. The pitcher yields to everyone and the first baseman yields to the second baseman. Your infielders yield to the outfielders. Begin teaching your infielders that there are no limits as to how far into the grass they can run chasing a ball. They are to go until they hear an outfielder call them off. Have a coach stand at home plate and throw pop-ups. Have the girls call for the ball and demonstrate the proper yield principles. 

Coaching Point
  • Yield to the person calling for the ball. 

Next 2 Minutes (Water Break)

Keep your players hydrated with a water break. But have them hustle back on the field.

Next 10 Minutes (More Pop-ups)

Have the kids stand behind you, each with a ball. One at a time they step up, hand you the ball and run out and to your right, looking over their right shoulder. You throw a pop-up, they run under it and catch it. Next time through the line, they run to your left. Next time through, teach them how to backpedal. 

Remaining Time 

Organize a game of waffle ball, kickball or 'wacky' ball (explained in Practice 9), or any other game you can think of and have some fun.

Gather the girls together and congratulate the kids for a job well done. Give them the next practice time (or game time) and follow up with an e-mail to the parents.