Coach, considering you're in season, you should use practice to address the deficiencies from the previous games or practices. This is an optional plan that you can use at any time to address the issues that need to be fixed. Whatever you do, never single out a specific player. You win as a team and you lose as a team.

First 15 Minutes (Warm-up)

Use the standard warm-up routine: stretching, moderate jog to a finishing sprint. Then, catching, throwing and ground-ball lines. Always stress mechanics. Make sure you leave plenty of room between each girl during warm-ups. If you have time, you can add the pop-up drill to your warm-up routine.

Next 2 Minutes (Water Break)

Keep your players hydrated with a water break. But have them hustle back on the field

Next 5 Minutes (Review What Went Right and Wrong During a Game)

Sit down with the girls and review what went right and what went wrong during the previous game. Perhaps you struggled to catch fly balls in the outfield. Maybe the infielders were unsure where to throw the ball. Perhaps you struggled to field the bunt. End the conversation on a positive note and let them know how much they've progressed since they started.

Next 20 Minutes (Work on Correcting Mistakes)

Decide what issues need the most attention and focus on them. Spend as much time as you need to fix the problems. If defending the bunt and baserunning were your issues, then spend 10 minutes on defending the bunt and another 10 on baserunning. Review the drills from previous lessons until the kids execute them flawlessly. Once you're satisfied with the execution, move on. If you have a multitude of issues address the major ones first and work on the others at a later practice.

Next 2 Minutes (Water Break)

Keep your players hydrated with a water break. But have them hustle back on the field

Remaining Time (Situations, Situations, Situations)

Considering the girls are facing competition, thinking the game is a key to success. There is no better teacher than repetition because there's so much to remember, depending on the situation. You can review all the fundamentals of defense and baserunning, including sliding during situation drills. Remember, stress to the girls that before every pitch they always should know the number of outs and the positioning of the baserunners. The lead runner is the key and the girls always need to be aware of her. Everyone is moving on contact because everyone has responsibilities on every play. Never, ever be satisfied with one out, one base or one run. 

Gather the girls together and congratulate them for their efforts, during the games and practice. Give them the time of the next practice (or game) and follow up with an e-mail to the parents.