Topic 5: Baserunning

It's never too early to teach youth players the fundamentals of smart baserunning. After all, your team's ability to score runs not only depends on your players reaching base, but also on your players safely advancing around the bases. We recommend finding a few minutes during each practice to focus on baserunning, using the drills in this topic.

We've seen this type of consistent practice go a long way in improve young players' understanding of how to run the bases and in helping them to develop solid instincts on the base paths through experience.

Remember that different levels of early baseball, such as T-Ball and Coach Pitch, have different rules around what players can and can't do when it comes to base running. Given that many youth leagues don't allow their players to lead off or steal, we have not included these items in this particular teaching plan. Be sure to research the specific rules of your league before the season begins, so that you can best utilize practice time and prepare your players to succeed.

Have fun!