GOAL:  Continue to work on fielding technique and introduce the proper technique of sliding.

First 5 Minutes

Talk to the players and encourage them to work hard and have fun. Concentrate on better technique today and tell the players what will be done during this practice.

Next 5 Minutes (Stretching)

Stretch legs for two minutes and stretch arms for two minutes. Stretching prepares the muscles to prevent injury. The last minute should be used to jog around the field once.

Next 10 Minutes (Cut-Off Drill)

Use three lines of four players, with the players spread apart approximately 15 feet in the outfield. The first player throws to the second player in line; the second player throws to the third player in line; the third player throws to the fourth player in line. Each player receiving the throw should be turned sideways (to his glove side) with both arms in the air to receive the throw. The fourth player will then throw the ball back to the third player, who will throw to the second player, etc., by working their way back through the line to the first player.

Coaching Tip
  • This drill strengthens the arm, teaches how to reach cut-off man in the chest and is fun.  Remember, accuracy is more important than speed. 

Next 3 Minutes (Water Break)

Give the players time to break for water. It is extremely important for the players to remain hydrated at all times. But have them hustle back to the field.

Next 10 Minutes (Fielding)

The coach will hit routine ground balls and fly balls to fielders to stay polished on defensive plays.

Next 20 Minutes (Sliding)

Bring your players together between first and second base and the coach will show the proper technique of sliding at second base. The keys to sliding are getting into the slide, not starting too early or too late and keeping your hands out of the way. Have them start the slide about 6 to 8 feet from the base (depending on each player's size and speed). The right or left leg should be bent behind the opposite leg while lying back (it forms a figure-4 look). Hands should be in a fist position off the ground in the air.

Line the players up and give it a try. Run them through it a handful of times.

Safety Tips
  • Make sure the ground is very soft, perhaps adding sand if necessary.
  • Encourage players to wear sliding shorts under their pants to prevent injuries. 

End of Practice

End practice with a lap around the bases. Then, while the players are drinking water, huddle them together for a talk. Take this time to recognize the work that was done well, but also discuss what needs improvement. Ask for feedback from the players. Then tell them the next practice (or game) time and follow up with an email to their parents. 
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