GOAL:  Working the infielders and outfielders at the same time.

First 5 Minutes

Talk to the players and encourage them to work hard and have fun. Concentrate on better technique today and tell the players what will be done during this practice.

Next 5 Minutes (Stretching)

Stretch legs for two minutes and stretch arms for two minutes. Stretching prepares the muscles to prevent injury. The last minute should be used to jog around the field once.

Next 10 Minutes (Tossing)

Pair off the players and line them up 10 to 12 feet apart. Make sure there is enough room to consider errant throws. Have them toss the ball back and forth. As the arms become loose, have them move farther away from each other. It is helpful to have parents chase errant throws. Remember, the more throws the better. At this point, accuracy should be getting better with not many errant throws.

Coaching Point 
  • The last 15 tosses should be long tosses – as far as can be thrown. 

Next 3 Minutes (Water Break)

Give the players time to break for water. It is extremely important for the players to remain hydrated at all times. But have them hustle back to the field.

Next 25 Minutes (Station Drills)

Station 1 (fielding):  With starting infielders in their positions, continue to work on ground balls with players throwing to each base.

Coaching Point
  • The coach continues to watch players to make sure they are using proper techniques of keeping glove down on ground balls and stepping and throwing to base.

Station 2 (hitting): The remaining players continue to work on hitting technique by hitting off the tee.

Coaching Point
  • It is imperative that the players use proper technique. 

End of Practice

End practice with a lap around the bases. Then, while the players are drinking water, huddle them together for a talk. Take this time to recognize the work that was done well, but also discuss what needs improvement. Tell the players the next practice (or game) time and follow up with an email to their parents.