Topic 3: Fielding

Now that we've looked at the fundamentals of throwing and catching a baseball, it's time to apply these skills as we introduce basic technique for infield and outfield play.

At this level, all players should have an opportunity to play all of the positions on the field regardless of whether it's a "cool" position like shortstop, or a "boring" position like right field. Regardless of what any player or parent says, it's much too early for kids to be specializing in a particular position to the extent that they don't want to play anywhere else.

As such, all players should learn the right way to field balls that are hit on the ground or hit into the air. We've included some simple drills and techniques in this topic to help players build confidence in fielding the ball cleanly and to develop muscle memory for specific types of plays.

Starting with ground balls, kids will learn to react to where the ball is hit and to adjust their body and glove positioning accordingly. Later in the topic we'll incorporate fly balls and teach players how to move their feet to get into the right fielding position. Finally, we'll talk briefly about crow hops and introduce a simple hop transition from fielding the ball into the throwing motion.