Topic 2: Catching

Take pride in the fact your players have learn so much already.

As young players learn how to throw a baseball, they should simultaneously learn the fundamentals of catching a baseball. This is often easier said than done. Kids at this age usually struggle with the fear of getting hit by thrown or batted balls. It's not uncommon to see young players close their eyes, duck or step away when a ball comes at them. 

As coaches, we can combat this fear while teaching players proper technique. In this topic, we've included some simple drills that are designed to build each player's confidence while improving his catching abilities.

We'll begin by getting players comfortable catching the ball at arm's length before progressing to balls that must be caught between their shoulders or above their heads. With all of these drills, we'll be using tennis balls as they're a bit more forgiving in the event of missed catches. Be patient with players as they learn and make mistakes.

Always remember to encourage effort and reward even the smallest improvement with praise. Have fun!