Topic 4: Hitting

Let's be honest: hitting the ball is probably the most exciting aspect of the game for young players.

Trying to make throwing or fielding practice engaging at the youth level can sometimes be difficult, but this rarely happens with hitting. Coaches need to use this enthusiasm to their advantage when it comes to teaching basic bat skills and proper swing mechanics. There's nothing more exciting for a kid than when they finally make solid contact with the ball and immediately see the results manifested in a frozen-rope line drive into the outfield. 

However, getting each player to this point often requires varying amounts of practice, according to their individual abilities and experience. The most important thing to remember during the teaching process is that there is no single right way to hit a baseball. There are certainly general mechanical flaws that should be identified and avoided, but, for the most part, coaches should try to develop each player's natural swing rather than trying to replace it with something new.

The drills included in this topic are designed to provide a framework for instructing young hitters at either the T-Ball or Coach Pitch level. Take advantage of these tips to help players develop hand-eye coordination, make more consistent contact and learn how to use important hitting tools such as the batting tee.

Let's get started!