This course contains over 45 minutes of video and over 30 still photos for download and printing.  Some of the lessons are from The Wilkins Review, some have been modified and enhanced.  Some of the lessons are new from 2015.  The title is Foundation Part l because I expect to follow later in the year with Foundation Part ll.

My goal is to break the throws down to the basic moves and concepts.
My preference is for the pictures and video to tell the story.
Less talking is better.
There will be some subtlety that will require attention to fully understand.
These lessons are not "One and Done".
As with any complex skill, multiple viewings and repititions are required for a deep understanding.

These drills will help the throwers...
  • Connect their hips to the implement
  • Move with RHYTHM their hips & implement
Print the photos for your throwers.
Best is to have them taped to a mirror where they can compare their positions in the mirror with those positions in the photos.

Some of the videos show throwers being led through learning progressions, changing their positions gradually until it all clicks.


The rotational shot and discus are very similar in positions at the back of the circle. There are some distinct differences however, in the timing due to the heavier wieght and shorter radius of the path of the shot.

This course will only focus on the similarities between the two.