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Cyrus Washington

Martial Arts Instructor & MuayThai World Champion Fighter


Currently active fighter
2 time Golden Belt Bareknuckle Champion in Lethwei rules in the country of Myanmar
WKA Super Middle Weight World Champion
WKBF Super Middle Weight World Champion
WMF Super Middle Weight Champion
USMTA Super Middle Weight US Champion
PK-1 Thailand Champion 2009-2011 (Phuket Province)
Former WBC US Champion
1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo
Trained in Jeet Kune do, Hapkido, Kenpo(Japanese), Savate for 1 year, Brazilian Jujitsu and Western Boxing

Former Muaythai coach of MMA fighter Frankie Edgar UFC champion.
Coached Roger Huerta UFC, Bellator and One FC MMA fighter

Have worked with many fighters and those just looking to learn the art of muaythai from an fighters indepth perspective. With 5+ years living in thailand and fighting every 2 weeks to once a month at times and also being an professional fighter of more than 9 years Cyrus Washington is a great teacher to learn from. Just keep an open mind to allow room for something new.