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Jon Ham

Personal Trainer & Founder of Fitness On The Run


About Fitness On The Run, Jon Ham:

I have been a Personal Trainer since 2001, but before that, I was a gymnast. I have been doing gymnastics since I was 3, and it has shaped the form of my life more than one could imagine. In November 1995 I had a tragic accident at gymnastics practice where I fell off the High Bar and broke my neck. I am extremely fortunate to not be paralyzed, or worse. Even though I was not paralyzed, I did have to go through an extensive recovery process, as well as a lengthy rehabilitation regimen in order to go back to the sport that I love. Nonetheless, I came back to gymnastics after 5 months of being in various neck braces and collars. One year after breaking my neck I signed a letter of intent to compete for the University of Illinois gymnastics team on a scholarship.

I left my roots in August of 1997 to pursue my education and career as a gymnast at the University of Illinois. At the University of Illinois I was a member of the third place national team in 1998 and a Big Ten bronze medal winner on the High Bar in 2001 and earned a Bachelors of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition: Dietetics. Since 2003 I've been running Fitness On The Run and I have worked with so many interesting and wonderful people who I am able to inspire, motivate and support through their Fitness Journey. Working with so many great individuals has led me to branch out to other aspects of fitness and create a great YouTube Channel, eCommerce Fitness Equipment Store, Amazon Store, and this site you are looking at right now! I hope to meet you soon and help you along your journey!