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Jamie West


Coach West has been a track and field coach for 15+ years. Coach West hurdled at Davis High School and went on to hurdle at Weber State University.

Coach West was a 2-time state champion in the 100m hurdles.

Jamie West has enjoyed coaching hurdlers from all over the State as well as some hurdlers internationally.

This past year one of her online clients became a National Champion in India. She has coached 5 State Record holders; 2 in the 60m hurdles, 1 in the 55m hurdles, 1 in the 110 hurdles, and 1 in the 300m hurdles. She has also coached 13 individual state champions and 56 state placers in the hurdles (placed top 6). She loves to teach youth and push them to their best achievements!. I
love helping athletes improve their speed, endurance, technique, training habits, and love for hurdling.