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John Williams

To passionately develop youth to reach their athletic potential!


John Williams is a trainer and speed coach at Next Level Training Institute, a Youth Athletic Program built on a foundation of speed and strength with many sport trainings to offer. Over the years, he has compiled a unique experience of educating youth, sports, and fitness. He began his training experience over fifteen years ago, when he trained in the focus of men’s strength-training and bodybuilding for a couple of years before going on to college. After a couple of years in college and a cross-country move later (Ohio to Texas), John began his experience with youth as a camp counselor. He built on that experience over the following years working as a local Boys and Girls Club leader, then as a youth coach, and then as a Physical Education Assistant. During John’s years as a youth coach, he was asked to give extra coaching/training to some of the kids on his teams, which is when his sports training began.