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Michael Lagkis


Level A licensed basketball coach, member of the Greek Basketball Coaches Association
Basketball Certificate in Aristotle University of ThessalonikI
USA Basketball Licensed Coach
Pro-level experience, individual & team scouting, stats analysis & player development, fitness and nutrition

Founder of Total Bball Analysis included Total Bball Performance and Total Bball Scouting Report


Fitness Trainer Certified
Aromatherapist Certified
Sport Psychologist Certified
Complementary Therapists Accredited Assosiation Practitioner
Professional Certified Of International Association of Therapists
Yoga Asana Certified Trainer
Nutritionist Advisor Certified and Training Provider
Counselling Children and Adolescent Certified
Advisor of skinny fat and other health mistakes
Weight Loss Advisor
Fab-D Diet Specialist
Fitness Workout Plan Mastery for Beginners Specialist
Mindfulness Meditation Practitioner and Coach
Motivation Psychology Advisor
Positive Psychology Advisor
Autism Awareness Advisor
Relaxation Massage Therapist
Diet and Nutrition Coach
Mat Pilates Instructor
Professional Yoga Teacher
Psychology Addictions Therapist
Psychodynamic Theories Specialist Advisor