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Brian Seraiah Wood

International Instructor, Master Trainer, Pro MMA Fighter and Coach


Brian Seraiah Wood
International Instructor, Master Trainer and Performing Artist Brian Seraiah Wood is a Retired PRO MMA Fighter, Instructor and Mixed Martial Arts Coach. Dragon Tao is his style of self-expression combining elements of Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Western Boxing, Wing Chun and Shaolin Kung Fu. He teaches private or group class and offers top notch workshops and camps.

For More Information: // 720-799-4660

Dragon Tao Systems specialize in Wellness, Martial Arts, Music and Personal Training. Brian is leading the way as a visionary pioneer of Natural Fitness and Holistic Health. Qualified to Train Pro and Olympic Athletes, his Accredited Certifications and Credentials rank among the finest in the world. He is an elite athlete, musician and dancer with a caring approach to teaching and life. He is a leading expert in his field by uniting proven techniques and methods from Eastern & Western worlds. Brian has studied Yoga, Lanna Fon Jeung, Meditation and found his path to Qigong in 2003. Good luck has led him to China (2008 & 2010) and Thailand (2012) where he learned from Masters of unique methods. Healing, Music and Love are his passion in life and can be found teaching and performing at Transformational Festivals, Ecstatic Dance Communities and Yoga Studios. As a Healer he had been train Thai, Oil and Tendon Massage as well as a very rare Chinese Organ Massage. As retired Pro MMA Fighter, he has 28 years martial arts experience in many styles and disciplines.


2000 Graduate - University of Wyoming

Bachelor or Science (College of Health Sciences) Major: Exercise Physiology

National Strength and Conditioning Association:

NSCA-CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)
*Qualified to Train NCAA, PRO & OLYMPIC Athletes

NSCA-CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)

N.E.S.T.A. Certified Sports Yoga and Pilates Instructor
Retired Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter #145 (Normal Weight 160)

PRO MMA RECORD 4-4 / 7-4 Overall
Muay Thai (Fought Pro in Thailand) 1-0 

(Winner by Knockout)
2000 Ranked Top 20 in the United States (Division 1 Wrestling)

1999 Western Athletic Conference Wrestling Champion (Defeated #6 Ranked)

Certified Chinese Qigong Instructor & Kung Fu Teacher

Beijing Chinese Taoist Medical Qigong Member 2008 & 2010

FREE CHI & TAO of Dance Events Co-Founder
Meditation, Visualization and Movement Specialist

Private Coach and Team Trainer

Natural Bodybuilding Champion