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Coach Cotto

Run Fast. Make Them Chase You


The Complete Course on Hurdling was created to help coaches and athletes learn the art of hurdling. After retiring from competition in 2014, I started with the intent of teaching the world how to run faster over hurdles and now host all my training courses here on Coachtube.

I felt there was not enough coaches teaching the event, and I wanted to make sure I did something to change that. Now I teach thousands around the world every year, and can guarantee that everything outlined in this course will help you take your skills as far as you want to take them.

DISCIPLINE in executing properly.

You will be surprised how much progress you can make when you begin to do the right things. Develop the hurdle rhythm, improve technique, and stay committed to executing better than anyone else.

Hurdling is a skill and the #1 Fastest Route to Faster Times is REPETITION.

You will need to do it over and over and over again,
and then one day they will call you the winner.

I can teach you the way, but it will always come down to the amount of discipline you exhibit en route to becoming the BEST.