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Reed Maltbie

Developing Leaders Who Transform Lives


61 experts, 24 sports, 6 vital components, 5 continents, 1 goal...

SOLUTIONS for youth sports.

This isn't your typical online summit or in-person conference. Join us for targeted discussions that deep dive into hard science to identify easily implemented change. Discover practical activities you can do immediately that are tied directly to cutting edge theory and practice. Learn from multiple sports, varying levels of play, experts in their fields, and pioneers from at least 4 continents with backgrounds across 6 key categories that are vital to success in youth sports. We've assembled some of the top minds from 5 continents and 24 different sports to change the narrative of youth sports and bring you solutions you can implement tomorrow!

Our Think Tank Courses are broken into specific learning tracks. Purchase the one you need for the role you play in sport, or get them all in a bundle.

1. Compete - Coach the Sport

This track is all about the technical and tactical (hardware) skills required to be a transformational coach on the field.

2. Compute - Coach the Brain

In this track, our experts will share how we can write better "software" in our athletes' brains to lead to excellence.

3. Collaborate - Coach the Parent

This track is focused on engaging parents in more effective ways so they become collaborators in our culture.
4. Coordinate - Coach the Club

This track is focused on the Governance and Operations aspects of youth sports and how strong clubs start in the boardroom.

5. Cultivate - Coach the Coach

This track is focused on helping coaches create the best possible culture on their team, in their club and among their colleagues.

6. Correlate - Coach the Person

This track is focused on the other aspects of youth sports from nutrition, to fun maps, to physical literacy and more for the WHOLE athlete.