The BASEBALL Strength Training Manual: High School Edition

by Austin Wasserman
The BASEBALL Strength Training Manual: High School Edition


This 120+ Page, 4-Phase PDF is your ANNUAL guide to BASEBALL Strength Training! This High School Program will help you stay Consistent and Accountable throughout the year, creating quality movement patterns while enhancing strength and power! Each phase requires a different component of training such as Exercise Selection, Motor Unit Recruitment & Production, Power or Rate of Force Production, Intensity, Volume and Energy System Adaptations. All of these components are important in an Annual Training Program, but WHEN and HOW to implement these components can sometimes be difficult. This book will break down those components in a functional, efficient and practical way! The BASEBALL Strength Training Manual includes:  

  • Over 100 Training Videos
  • Program Details
  • Tests & Measurements
  • Warm Up Progressions
  • Recovery Methods
  • Medicine Ball, Mobility & Movement Training
  • Active Recovery Protocol
  • 4-Phase Strength Program
  • Conditioning Options
  • Agility Options
  • On-Field Training Options


The Coach


Austin Wasserman

Owner/Founder of High Level Throwing® & High Level Pitching®


My name is Austin Wasserman and I am the Owner & Co-Founder of AB Athletic Development & based out of Nashua, NH. Since 2008, AB and has grown from a part-time passion to a full-time career with a 7,000 square foot facility, clients of all ages from around the country to MiLB and MLB athletes following our instructional information! My goal is to help educate athletes and coaches on Base Stealing Leads & Footwork to maximize an athlete’s ability to get great jumps and be comfortable running the bases! Please visit my website for more information on Base Stealing, Strength Training and More!

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