BasketballHQ Post Drills

by Kyle Ohman
BasketballHQ Post Drills


These basketball post move drills are designed to help post players become dominant on the block. You don’t have to be a center or forward to use these basketball drills either. There are plenty of post up opportunities for wings and guards as well. It is important that you learn to play with your back to the basket and also learn to face up in the mid range as well. As a general rule of thumb if the person guarding you is smaller than you, go back to the basket. If you are smaller and quicker than the defender, face them up before making your move. The goal is to use your strengths against their weaknesses to get a quality shot. Basketball Post Move Drills for Coaches Pretty much any time the ball can go inside to the paint area and then back out, your team is going to end up with a good look. A great way to get the ball inside is to be able to have a good post up player, doesn’t always have to be your center either. If your post player is a threat to score on the block then the defense will be put in a losing situation. They will either have to stay home with the help and let the post player go one on one, or they will have to send help and leave one of the other players open for a kick out. The only way this happens though is if you develop your post player and make him/her a threat to score when they get the ball. Basketball Post Move Drills for Players A big misconception about posting up on the block is that you have to be a big man to do it. However that is not true, and you see more and more guard players learning to post up on the block and mid range area. If you are a bigger wing that struggles to get around quicker guards then adding some post moves to your game is almost a must. Use your size, strength, footwork, and moves to get yourself a quality shot. These post move drills will teach you how to duck in move, leg whip, etc. so that you can master the block area.

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