How to Coach with Purpose

by Quinn McDowell
How to Coach with Purpose


Simple isn't easy.

In order to, LEAD you need to know what you BELIEVE. This sounds simple, but can be incredibly confusing.

You won't be the coach you are capable of becoming until you discover and clearly define your purpose.The Purpose Driven Leader is a simple system that helps you organize your core beliefs for a life of leadership.

The burden of leadership can make us feel lost, aimless, and ineffective. It can force us to feel overwhelmed, uncertain, and unfulfilled in our daily lives. We can feel stuck in our growth, and stagnant in our purpose. There can be an overwhelming loss of direction in our lives.

BUT it doesn’t have to be this way...

  • If you want to live a more meaningful, fulfilling life, a life with clear direction, and a well-defined aim, this is for you.
  • If you want to lead your team and build something special, this is for you.
  • If you believe that you shouldn't waste your life, this is for you.
  • If you believe that life is more about what you give and less about what you take, this is for you.
  • If you believe in living for a higher purpose in service to others, this is for you.


Purpose driven leaders drive long-term results by creating a culture of excellence, intentionality, and discipline. They set their teams and organizations on a trajectory that delivers real results time after time. The Purpose Driven Leader is a simple system that will change your life forever. It will help you:

Build a system of belief for a life of purpose

Find your WHY, your WHAT, and your HOW (The Purpose Pyramid)

Give your life meaning and direction

Lead with Clarity and Conviction

Set the Standard of Excellence on Your Team


What You Get

  • 6 PDF's
  • Growth Guide
  • Facilitators Guide (so you can teach your team)
  • Personal Examples
  • Pre-made templates


What Others Are Saying...


Quinn's work is inspiring and intentional for coaches who want to climb toward your unique purpose!

Ron T. 


Being a successful leader can sometimes seem like an accident, but the Purpose Driven Leader is your roadmap to leadership success; the journey is up to you.

Matt R.


The Purpose Driven Leader is an incredible system that helped me organize my core beliefs and inspired me for a life of passionate leadership. Over the past 30 years of coaching I’ve read hundreds of leadership books but Quinn’s system made me dig deeper within myself to become a more effective leader! 

- Jenny M. 

Leading is about knowing where you want to go and how you want to get there.  There's nothing I've found thats been more helpful in clarifying my direction than this system. An invaluable resource I'll use time and time again.

Zach T. 


I wish I had this system earlier in life. Having a clearer sense of direction would have exponentially increased my capacity and effectiveness as a leader. 

Kayla M.


The Coach


Quinn McDowell

Arete Hoops (


As an All-Conference D1 Player, former Overseas Pro, and current Division 1 College Basketball Coach my passion is to help coaches and players get better. My interests include...

*The Princeton Offense
*Ball Screen Continuity
*Player Development
*Leadership and Team-Building
*Coaching with Excellence
*Leading with Purpose

As a 4-year starter and all-conference selection at the College of William and Mary I scored 1600 points and grabbed more than 500 rebounds while helping our team to one of the best records in school history.

After graduation, I continued my playing career overseas in some of the best leagues in the world. I traveled the world for many years as a pro with stops in Australia, Spain, Latvia, and the NBA G-League.

I run the site where I write about all things hoops, leadership, and the pursuit of excellence.

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