Side Hustle Mentor Training

by Pro Style Spread Offense


I LOVE helping Teachers and Coaches who want to build their own courses.

There's one big difference between selling a lot and selling a little. It's how you treat your course sales. 

Do you treat it like a business or like a hobby. Coaches that treat it like a business are selling lots more then those who are treating it like a hobby. 

If you are ready to treat it like a business, then this course is built for you. 

Not only will you get access to all our Meetups, you will also get the core instruction modules for building and selling your course. Right now the core instruction is still being built.

But getting in now gets you access at an early stage to help make it even better in the end. You also are getting a great deal for a lifetime ownership of all course content. 

This is advanced material and not for the casual coach who doesn't want to sell a ton of courses. 

Meetups are an additional bonus we are also adding regularly to help walk coaches through the details of building their own course selling business. 

This is really an amazing opportunity. You will get to help shape this online learning and success building community.

And you will be supported in an incredible way. By me and your fellow members.

I cannot wait to for your to join if this is what you are looking for so I can focus on building your business and celebrating your success!!

So if you are ready…

… To create a reliable side income, while having more time for yourself …

… To focus on the 1-2 things that will help sell your product without having to guess what will actually work ...

You are ready for The Side Hustle Mentor Training. 

I am thankful for your support, and I can't wait to have you as a founding member in this journey with me!

- Jason Hahnstadt


The Coach


Pro Style Spread Offense

Helping Coaches Build Great Offenses


I have been building and selling online courses for the past 4 years. Through many failures I have found the simplest ways to build courses for coaches that sell. 

Starting out I was thrilled to sell a few $100's worth of courses even though I was making pennies for the time I put into it. 

But the past year and a half it has finally paid off and I have supplemented my main income with monthly sales that average up to $4,000 or more. 

Since I started I have just broken a total of 100k in course sales. This has been a complete financial game changer for a family being supported on a teaching salary. Now we can actually give generously, take vacations, pay for all the family bills and still save for our future. 

My biggest desire is to help you make progress with your goals to build and sell your own coaching expertise. Not only that, but also by putting out high quality courses that help other coaches be successful. 

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Joe Kuhn

Awesome stuff! If you are serious this is exactly what you need!

Sep 26, 19 10:53 AM

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