2024 Official Run & Shoot Certification by June Jones & Mouse Davis

by Run & Shoot Certification
2024 Official Run & Shoot Certification by June Jones & Mouse Davis


For the first time in the history of the offense, June Jones along with legendary Mouse Davis will teach you the RUN & SHOOT!


What are the benefits of Run & Shoot Certification?

– 40 Hours of Teaching Tapes and Film Study

– 4 Major Exams to earn certification

Exclusive Run & Shoot All-22 video library from 1984 to Present

– Official Run & Shoot Certification (Upon Completion)

– Name listed on website and in the Run & Shoot Family database

– Twitter shout out from @RunAndShootCert upon completion

– June Jone’s Endorsement & Reference for Job Applications

Virtual Reality cut-ups of the Run & Shoot offense

– Direct access to June Jones & A. J. Smith for any Q & A

– Access to live monthly webinars during the off season (R&S Exclusive)

– We will Analyze your film! Send in your teams offensive film for feedback



Please allow us 12 hours to review your exam answers. Once we have approved your exam, you will be admitted to the next chapter.


If you are prompted to take the exam again, that means you did not pass. A passing grade is 93% or greater.

Tempo ($9.99) Video Player is now needed to watch the Run & Shoot Certification libary breakdowns.

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The Foundation of Run & Shoot
1 Introduction 5:06 2 Origins of the Offense (Mouse Davis) 2:33 3 Philosophy (June Jones) 1:42 4 Formations (June Jones) 9:16 5 Defensive Coverages (AJ Smith) 18:02 6 Exam #1
The Passing Game
7 Protection (June Jones) 11:02 8 14 & 15 (June Jones) 9:08 9 14 & 15 (Junes Jones) Watch Along 8:47 10 Divide (June Jones) 8:12 11 Divide (Junes Jones) Watch Along 6:23 12 GO (Mouse Davis) 47:23 13 Choice (Mouse Davis) 22:11 14 Streak / Switch (Mouse Davis) 30:15 15 Switch (June Jones) Watch Along 6:42 16 Exam #2
The Passing Game Evolved
17 Georgia & Nebraska (June Jones) Evolution of "Slide" 7:38 18 Levels (June Jones) 5:30 19 Levels (Junes Jones) Watch Along 9:54 20 Quick Game (June Jones) 15:04 21 Quick Game (June Jones) Watch Along 6:19 22 260 & 261 (June Jones) 8:47 23 260 & 261 (Junes Jones) Watch Along 6:26 24 Mid Term Exam
Screens & Runs
25 Tampa (June Jones) 9:33 26 Tampa (Junes Jones) Watch Along 5:04 27 Dallas (June Jones) 12:28 28 Dallas (Junes Jones) Watch Along 4:35 29 WR Screens (June Jones) 9:16 30 WR Screens (Junes Jones) Watch Along 6:10
Practice & Execution
31 Game Planning (June Jones) 7:17 32 Practice Schedule (June Jones) 8:03 33 Run & Shoort in High School Football (AJ Smith) 2:50 34 Final Exam
Welcome to the Run & Shoot Family
35 Congrats! (June & Mouse) 0:41 36 Run & Shoot Certified Application Database 37 June Jones Contact & Reference
Bonus Videos
38 Mouse Davis on Run Game 19:52 39 Mouse Davis on Pass Protection 10:33 40 Mouse Davis on Passing Concepts 6:05
Run & Shoot Tempo Library
41 Run & Shoot Tempo Video Library List 42 How to watch the Run & Shoot Tempo Library Vault 4:03
Virtual Reality Library
43 14 & 15 (Virtual Reality) 1:22 44 X & Z GO (Virtual Reality) 1:27 45 X & Z Choice (Virtual Reality) 1:14 46 Switch (Virtual Reality) 0:47 47 Levels (Virtual Reality) 0:43 48 Georgia (Virtual Reality) 0:57 49 Thunder (Virtual Reality) 1:08
Playbook & Worksheets
50 Coverage Worksheet 2x2 51 Coverage Worksheet 3x1 52 14 & 15 53 X & Z GO 54 X & Z Choice 55 Streak & Switch 56 Thunder
Webinars & Latest Content
57 Welcome to Webinar & Latest Content Section 1:20 58 Review of the 4 Exams (AJ Smith) 16:24 59 Lets Watch the Film - R&S Episode 1 (AJ Smith) 52:40 60 Lets Watch the Film - R&S Episode 2 (AJ Smith) 1:15:24 61 Lets Watch the Film - R&S Episode 3 (AJ Smith) 43:56

The Coach


Run & Shoot Certification


Brought to you buy Mouse Davis, June Jones, & AJ Smith.

Ratings and Reviews (42)

nick codutti

Coming from a guy who is a run and shoot guy, this course hits it on the head. Absolutely love what June and mouse did for the community that has been starving for this content. I know people think they know what the shoot is about but most have no idea. This allows the best in the business to sit down and tell the masses the secrets of the shoot. Can’t explain how much I am impressed with this course.

Nov 15, 20 02:09 AM

Dan Gonzalez

This is what Run N Shoot enthusiasts have been waiting decades for! You get all of the coaching points of the offense straight from Mouse Davis and June Jones – two masters of the system! Even more impressive is that they include the newer concepts like Levels and Nebraska, discuss intricate coaching points, and reveal thoughts that had never been shared before. Backed up with game video, this course will open a whole new world to countless coaches. I certainly wish something like this was available earlier in my career.

Nov 15, 20 04:56 AM

Air Raid Certification

Coaches who have mastered the Air Raid, this is the perfect course to expand on what you do in the system. Although the offenses are different, the philosophies are the same! All Air Raid coaches should take a deep dive to look to evolve to some of the ways June and Mouse do things just like Coach Hal Mumme has done. A must buy!

Nov 15, 20 03:28 PM

Shawn Liotta

For decades coaches have searched for the secrets of the explosive "Run and Shoot Offense". Now for the first time ever the legendary Mouse Davis and June Jones have opened the vault for coaches to learn all the details of this explosive system and join the "Run and Shoot Family". For decades these two coaches have installed this system at jobs "no one wants" , "you can't win there", "coaching graveyards" and turned them into literal paradise with exploding scoreboards. You will learn all of the details necessary to take this system and rise your program from the dead and generate tremendous amounts of excitement in your school and community. Coach Jones and Davis along with A.J. Smith leave no stone unturned as they present all of the details of this system that will empower your players to rip and snort up and down the field attacking defensive coverage and leverage. You will have all of the tools necessary to teach your quarterbacks and receivers to attack both individual defenders and coverage categories. Coach Jones does an excellent job of articulating how he was able to install this system successfully not only at the Professional and Major College level, but at the HIGH SCHOOL level as well with great success. Its all in how you teach and drill the system and you will learn exactly how to do that along with troubleshooting any issues you will encounter. For coaches who have a background previously in this system it is very interesting to hear Coach Davis and Coach Jones detail how the offense has evolved through the years to the present day, including pass protection innovations. Once you get signed up you will receive access to the Run and Shoot Tempo Video Library which is a literal treasure trove of run and shoot archived videos from professional, college, and the high school level. To watch the virtual reality practice videos and hear AJ Smith and June Jones walk you through the concepts will really allow you to immerse yourself in the decision making needed for your quarterback to excel in this offense. I highly recommend you take this opportunity to join the "Run and Shoot Family" and take your offense to the next level.

Nov 15, 20 03:40 PM

Drew Piscopo

As a coach who runs Air Raid, and never really knew much about the R&S system and terminology, this is the perfect course. It’s also a great resource for any coach to use and expand on what they do in their own passing game and system. Learning directly from Coach Jones and other great coaches really feels like a passing of the torch. I remember becoming a big fan watching some record breaking Hawaii offenses in the early 2000’s, so learning that system is really special. They plays and terminology are different from the Air Raid, but the philosophies of offenses are the same! A must buy for any coach looking on expanding their knowledge of the game, and adding some wrinkles into their own system, or for any coach looking for a complete explosive offensive system to install. It’s all here!

Nov 15, 20 11:53 PM


This was an absolute burner of a course! Getting direct knowledge from Mouse and June was awesome and they made it easy to comprehend. The learning and teaching giving to the technique and intricacies of the Run and Shoot couldn't have been explained any better. I would highly recommend this course to anybody wanting to grow as a coach and coordinator.

Nov 16, 20 06:18 PM

roderick belton

This course is one of the best ...Videos are in great detail .This is a must have certification if u want an explosive offense...Coach Jones Mouse Davis And Coach A.J. Smith do an excellent job of getting this once in a lifetime offense out...I think the Wide Receivers should absolutely love the freedom they have in this offense as to where most passing offenses are structured...The RnS is structured too but in a different way ...I’m sold ...not a lot of lengthy words or verbiage...It’s a must have coaches ..thank RnS certification

Nov 17, 20 04:18 PM

Devin Hannah

Great course, highly recommended if you want something that goes into great detail on routes and adjustments of the run and shoot. June and Mouse do a great job of diagnosing every look you could see not only in the pass, but also run boxes. worth the money and you won't find this type of information on the run and shoot anywhere else.

Nov 17, 20 10:06 PM

Kraig Kroger

Great blend of knowledge. With the legacy Mouse tapes, which are timeless in terms of learning the philosophy and core of the system, and then the adaptations June and AJ have implemented, you have everything needed to put a dominant offense on the field.

Nov 21, 20 10:14 PM

Jim Glover

This is a fantastice course. If you are interested in throwing the football and scoring points this is the ONE! June, Mouse, and A.J. give you all the answers to your questions about consistently throwing the football and attacking the defense. After this coures you will understand why Mouse says "We always have the chalk last!"

Nov 23, 20 04:11 PM

steven sciarappa

This course was excellent. A comprehensive and detailed introduction for coaches new to the system, and a great in-depth reference to those already familiar with it. This is a must investment for every coach.

Nov 30, 20 08:36 AM

Cody Kent

Extremely detailed from the guys who created this offense. If you're a coach who likes to throw the ball this is the course to take. June and Mouse explains everything Run N Shoot. Coaches who are curious about this offense this is the 1 stop shop for it! Thanks for the course! Highly Suggest it to anyone thinking of getting it.

Dec 1, 20 08:24 AM

Nick Schroeder

Great information and resources on the R&S. I had a very beginner level of knowledge on the system going in and ended with a gold mine of information on the details of the offense. No doubt worth the price of admission.

Dec 2, 20 11:58 AM

Lee Jackson

Great!!! Keep Shooting!!!

Dec 4, 20 10:07 AM

michael digman

Coach Jones is the man!

Dec 4, 20 07:20 PM


Great in info

Dec 9, 20 07:34 PM

Spencer Lee

Unbelievable. Really makes what I had learned on my own fit into a gigantic puzzle. It's beautiful.

Dec 12, 20 05:34 PM

Andre Galvan

Excellent in-depth introduction and breakdown of the Run-and-Shoot offense - taught by the guy's who've pioneered it at all levels of football. Loved this course and excited to use this system on my own in the future.

Dec 14, 20 01:22 PM

Nick Schmidt

The information on adapting routes and reads/progression is tremendous. To see how the whole offense connects and influence it has had on the game of football. The connect of one play to the next and manipulating defenders is beautiful!

Dec 16, 20 03:37 PM

Murray Dumas

Great Course. Extensive information and insights to the R&S.

Dec 17, 20 10:43 AM

Larry Washington

I learned so much from the course.

Jan 28, 21 09:09 AM

Mark Huddleston

Very informative and intense study from the masters of the Run and Shoot offense. Ignore the false information floating around the internet about this offense and come learn it from the men who created and perfected it.

Feb 2, 21 05:39 AM


Very informative

Feb 10, 21 05:12 PM

Leon Hatch

I loved it! It was very informative, and provided tools to assist after certification.

Feb 15, 21 11:00 AM

Thomas Alexander

Amazing course.

Mar 17, 21 10:37 AM

michael Washington

I think this course has some good content, but the video quality is very poor. I have only finished about 30 % of the videos, but at least 2 hours of the 30 % is spent watching Mouse Davis making illustrations on a whiteboard that is not visible. I was expecting a lot more for $500.

Apr 1, 21 08:56 PM

Karl Lehman

I learned so much from this course

Apr 13, 21 09:39 AM

Alec Hunt

IT WAS Amazing and I Learned A lot from it

Apr 14, 21 11:47 AM

Mario Cuniglio

I thought this course was phenomenal! Prior to becoming certified, I only had a strictly generalized perspective as to what the Run and Shoot offense was about. After studying and truly immersing myself into the system, I have amassed a wealth of knowledge! My study of this offense will continue on! I highly recommend this to course to anyone who would like to learn from the masters themselves, June Jones and Mouse Davis! Thank you for sharing and teaching us! ~Mario Cuniglio - Wide Receivers Coach - William Paterson University

Apr 30, 21 06:23 PM


Amazing resource! To learn the shoot from the mouths of the men who designed it and evolved it, is truly a gift. I can't recommend this enough. The Run and Shoot is such a dynamic and powerful offense, and now its accessible for everyone.

May 18, 21 11:49 AM

Wayne Anderson Jr.

It is a must for anyone that wants to learn about the Run n Shoot Offense.

Jun 7, 21 07:02 AM

Coach Juan Carlos Lozano

AJ Smith, June Jones and of course Mouse Davis are extraordinary teachers/coaches. I still have to go through the Tempo Videos to get a deep dive into the offense; however, I understand the offense and the fact that all I have to do is reach out to them and they will assist me is amazing. I am ready to work with players and share my excitement. I would recommend the Certification to anyone. Spin it to Win It!

Oct 14, 21 12:46 PM

Charles Fant

I thought the course was very professionally structured anf easy-to-follow. I feel like a smarter coach for taking this course!

Dec 3, 21 04:16 AM

Caleb Henson

Great course taught by several legends. My understanding of how to counter certain defenses has greatly improved from taking this certification.

Dec 30, 21 02:40 PM

John Rader

great course ,

Jan 23, 22 06:54 PM

Justin Webb

If you want to learn "the Deal" this is the course for you. All the other stuff is pure speculation.

Feb 24, 22 07:36 AM

Jonathan Jenkins

This is what I've hungered for ever since I first watched the 1982-83 Toronto Argonauts with Holloway and Greer. Excellent instruction and wisdom.

Jun 2, 22 02:22 PM

Dan MacKay

I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn about the run and shoot. It provides you with everything you need to run the offense. Upon completion you are also given access to the Run and Shoot library. In the library there are some old Mouse Davis clinic tapes from the early 90s that also show you how to run the offense under center. These tapes along with the instruction from June Jones and Mouse Davis provide you with everything you need to effectively run this exciting offense.

Jun 3, 22 10:59 AM


I have always admired the Run and Shoot from afar, getting my first real view of it with Coach June Jones at Hawaii. The best fundamental aspect you will get that will prepare you for any form or adaptation of either the Air Raid or Run and Shoot will be the course's emphasis on coverage - second to none. A must buy for any coach looking to score points and have fun.

Dec 21, 22 05:34 PM



Jun 2, 23 04:06 PM

Josh Goodloe

Coaches have searched for the secrets of the "Run and Shoot Offense". For the first time the legendary Mouse Davis and June Jones teach coaches all the details of this system. As a coach who runs Air Raid, I never really knew much about the R&S system, this is the perfect course to learn!

Jun 28, 23 02:52 PM

Fernando Jones

Still making my way through the course. but there are issues with the tests

Dec 20, 23 02:04 PM

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