Feed the Cats: Building a Culture of High Performance

by Tony Holler
Feed the Cats: Building a Culture of High Performance


“SPRINT-BASED FOOTBALL II”  is the 8th course of an ambitious “Feed the Cats” certification program created by Tony Holler.

Feed the Cats is a revolutionary way of training, coaching, and teaching that values specificity, essentialism, performance, and love. After gaining a world-wide following in Track & Field, FTC has now gained a foothold in American football.

This is the second football course of the program. There’s almost FOUR HOURS of detailed teaching. Coach Dixon first encountered the “Feed the Cats” take on football in 2017 when he read Coach Holler’s New Ideas for Old School Football Coaches. Since then, Dixon has become the flagship of the movement, going 39-7 in the past three seasons.

The first two FTC courses,  The Speed Workout and X-Factor have a combined 2.5 hours of content, giving athletes (and coaches) everything they need to prioritize speed in the off-season. The third course, Block Starts, is arguably one of the most detailed instructional videos ever produced on the subject of block starts and acceleration. Record Rank Publish (over two hours) is the food of cats, the heart of the program. Sprint the 400 provides two hours of a Feed the Cats approach to training quarter milers.

More courses are on the way!

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The Introduction
1 Coach Holler's Introduction 3:41
Intro and Overarching Concepts
2 Coach Dixon's Introduction 3:39 3 Camp Point Central H.S. 3:24 4 New Idea for Old School Coaches 4:52 5 Sand, Gravel, and Rocks 1:32 6 Minimum Effective Dose 2:19 7 Pareto Principle 1:39 8 The Ten Commandments 6:53
Spring Football
9 Lifting for Football is Not a Sport 1:18 10 Christian McCaffarey 0:44 11 Speed Reserve 1:21 12 Speed is the Tide that Lifts All Boats 1:24 13 Offensive Tackle Joe Thomas 1:00 14 Coach Orgeron 1:01 15 Multi-Sport Emphasis 2:07 16 Attracting Athletes to Football 5:48 17 8th Grade Signing Day 5:19 18 Freshman Combine 3:46
Summer Football
19 What's Best for Kids? 2:48 20 Mandatory Non-Mandatory Summer Workouts 2:57 21 Summer Football at Central 2:51 22 N.E.L. - No Excuse League 6:35 23 F.R.E.A.K 13:12 24 N.E.L. Competition 5:31 25 Feed the Cats vs Weight Room 1:14 26 Do You Know Where You've Been and Where You Are Going? 7:28 27 40 Yard Dash, 10y Flys 2:38 28 MPH 1:53 29 Jump Mat, Vertical Jump 1:23 30 6 Bounds Measured 0:38 31 Fun Competitions 3:09 32 Summer: Football-Specific 9:05 33 Summer Practice Plans 5:42
The Football Season
34 Pre-Season Practice Plans 3:52 35 Setting the Tone on Day One 1:49 36 Practice Video 0:18 37 Pre-Season Practice Plans 2:25 38 High-Low; Sprint Days and Non-Sprint Days 6:40 39 Reflexive Performance Reset 8:30 40 Detailed Practice Week 23:03 41 Game Night Warmups 4:18 42 Halftime 1:44 43 The Game 9:27 44 Saturday and Sunday Off 6:05 45 What Are Your Priorities? 1:36 46 Family Should Be #1 Priority 0:48 47 Playoff Adjustments 4:49
48 The Questions 1:30 49 What About Conditioning? 7:34 50 The Alternative to Conditioning 4:07 51 The Tribe Test 2:26 52 Will We Be Tough Enough? 3:11 53 My Opinion on Toughness 2:01 54 How Do I Convince My Staff or Head Coach? 2:24 55 Are There Any Colleges Doing This? 1:59 56 A Former College Head Coach 3:27
57 Coach Holler's Wrap Up 4:47 58 Feed the Cats 308 Quiz 59 Brad Dixon Resources

The Coach


Tony Holler

Head track coach at Plainfield North High School. 42 years experience coaching football, basketball, and track. Member of Illinois Track & Field Hall of Fame and Co-director of Track Football Consortium with Chris Korfist


  • Head Boy's Track & Field at Plainfield North High School (IL)
  • Retired Chemistry Teacher
  • Public Speaker
  • Writer for FreelapUSA, SimpliFaster, & ITCCCA
  • Creator and Owner of "Feed the Cats"
  • Co-Owner of Track Football Consortium
  • Certified Teacher of Reflexive Performance Reset

Ratings and Reviews (11)

Heath Harding

Nice framework to "Build your own house"

Nov 30, 20 11:48 AM

Ed Honabarger

Great breakdown of how Brad does things with his program.

Dec 4, 20 04:57 AM


Outstanding!! Inside - Out approach to impact your athletes

Jan 15, 21 05:24 AM

Tim Harper

I think that Coach Holler and Coach Dixon have done a great thing in getting Coaches to think about the overall well-being of athletes and coaches. This is an OUTSTANDING, thought provoking course.

Feb 13, 21 05:24 PM

Will Willoughby

Great material and presentation.

Apr 20, 21 11:12 AM

olivier nemery

great course

Apr 27, 21 05:16 AM

Jack Byrne

Great job coach!

Feb 17, 22 04:35 AM

Irvin Sigler

Outstanding. This really puts a great deal of detail and research to back it up into reality. I'm thrilled to have taken this class!

Mar 11, 22 06:58 AM

Evan Baubles

Fantastic course with great detail about creating and building a program and culture of performance and fun

Oct 5, 22 07:21 AM

Lance LaGrange

I was impressed with the amount of in-depth information in this course

Jan 13, 23 06:11 PM

Malach Radigan

I love this course. So insightful, realistic, and helpful in regards to “building my own house” with Sprint-Based Football.

Jan 25, 23 12:02 PM

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