USC Mini-Breakdown

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USC Mini-Breakdown


Graham Harrell has long been established as one of the best Offensive Minds in College Football. He is an innovator and has been able to take the base Air Raid he learned as a Quarterback for Mike Leach at Texas Tech and been able to evolve the offense adding in a more extensive run game featuring RPO's as well as making tweaks to the main passing concepts to get the most out of them. Inside the Mini-Breakdown you will see how Harrell has utilized several different types of RPO's to Manipulate the Defense creating either the perfect box to run the ball or out number the perimeters. Defenses get to choose but either way they will be wrong. Graham uses RPO's to Attack Space or Leverage while also having the ability to force a #'s game with the defense while creating a Conflict Defender Read for the QB. Take a look inside this mini-breakdown to get a taste of what is going on in LA.

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New Age Air Raid: USC Breakdown


1 USC Mini-Breakdown Intro 1:28
Concept #1: 3x1 Open Stretch Read
2 Concept #1: Rules & Responsibilities 3:33 3 Concept #1: Film Breakdown 6:49 4 Concept #1: Playbook Sheet 5 Concept #1: All-22 Wide 0:12 6 Concept #1: All-22 Tite 0:13
Concept #2: 3x1 Open Mesh Post-Wheel
7 Concept #2: Film Breakdown 6:59 8 Concept #2: Rules & Responsibilities 3:57 9 Concept #2: Playbook Sheet 10 Concept #2: All-22 Wide 0:11 11 Concept #2: All-22 Tite 0:10
Concept #3: 2x2 Wing Sameside Power w/ BS Now
12 Concept #3: Film Breakdown 7:07 13 Concept #3: Rules & Responsibilities 4:39 14 Concept #3: Playbook Sheet 15 Concept #3: All-22 Wide 0:11 16 Concept #3: All-22 Tite 0:09
Concept #4: 2x2 Peek-A-Boo Draw Lead w/ Stab RPO
17 Concept #4: Rules & Responsibilities 5:08 18 Concept #4: Film Breakdown 7:54 19 Concept #4: Playbook Sheet 20 Concept #4: All-22 Wide 0:16 21 Concept #4: All-22 Tite 0:14
Concept #5: 3x1 Open Curl-Flat Seam
22 Concept #5: Film Breakdown 4:35 23 Concept #5: Rules & Responsibilities 3:18 24 Concept #5: Playbook Sheet 25 Concept #5: All-22 Wide 0:16 26 Concept #5: All-22 Tite 0:17
Concept #6: 2x2 Wing Curl-Flat Paired w/ Slot-Fade
27 Concept #6: Rules & Responsibilities 5:27 28 Concept #6: Film Breakdown 9:28 29 Concept #6: Playbook Sheet 30 Downloadable Playbook Sheet for Curl-Flat Paired w/ Slot-Fade 31 Concept #6: All-22 Wide 0:12 32 Concept #6: All-22 Tite 0:10
Bonus Concept: Curl-Flat paired w/ Slot-Fade
33 Bonus Concept: Rules & Responsibilities 3:07 34 Bonus Concept: Film Breakdown 5:32 35 Bonus Concept: Playbook Sheet 36 Downloadable Playbook Sheet for Bonus Concept 37 Bonus Concept: All-22 Wide 0:13 38 Bonus Concept: All-22 Tite 0:11
Downloadable Resource
39 Downloadable USC Mini Playbook 40 USC Mini Playbook

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