Youth Gymnastics Training
by Meg Harris

In this gymnastics coaching course, Varsity gymnastics coach Meg Harris demonstrates a variety of stretches, basic tumbling skills and strength training exercises developed specifically for young athletes. This course is designed to give parents, coaches, and team volunteers all of the tools they need to teach kids the fundamentals of gymnastics.

Chapter 1: Flexibility Stretches
1 Neck Stretches
2 Leg Stretches
3 Back and Shoulder Stretch
4 Arm and Shoulder Stretch
5 Ankles and Wrists
6 Split Position Stretch
Chapter 2: Gymnastics Tumbling
7 How to Do a Forward Roll
8 How to Do a Cartwheel
9 How to Do a Lunge Cartwheel
10 How to Do a Back Bend
11 How to Do a Backward Roll
12 How to Do a Handstand
13 How to Do a Headstand
14 Basic Leaps
Chapter 3: Gymnastics Strength Training
15 Strength Training, Part 1
16 Strength Training, Part 2

MegHarris Meg Harris Varsity Gymnastics Coach at Middlebury Union High School

Longtime gymnastics coach Meg Harris coaches the varsity gymnastics program at Middlebury (Vt.) Union High School, in addition to the district’s middle school program. Besides developing athletes, Harris believes gymnastics instructs self-confidence, risk assessment and perseverance.

As a gymnast, she competed for the province of New Brunswick, Canada.

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