Triphasic Training: A High School Strength & Conditioning Manual

by Cal Dietz
Triphasic Training: A High School Strength & Conditioning Manual


This manual incorporates all of the training methods used with our athletes in an annual cycle. These training blocks provide each athlete with the qualities necessary to maximize performance. Successful athletic performances require the optimization of many qualities, including rate of force development, an aerobic base system, and of course max strength. Rate of force development is vital in athletics. During maximal velocity contractions, as seen in competition, there is not enough time for maximal muscular force to be reached. This means athletes must have the goal of producing the most force possible in the time allowed during competition. The aerobic base is improved through the proper use of conditioning methods throughout the year. Adaptations to this system are vital for recovery in repeat-effort sports, which includes all team sports. Maximal strength is the most common method of training used and does have its place in improving performance, however, it is important to realize improvements in this quality do not always transfer to sport’s success.

Through the use of triphasic training, which is the realization that every dynamic movement includes an eccentric, isometric, and concentric aspect and trains each of these individually, we will lay out the annual cycle of training using the block periodization method. Block periodization relies on the residual effects of training, or the amount of time a quality remains at a heightened level after the cessation of training. This model, and the understanding of residual effects, allows multiple peaking throughout the competition period by training qualities in a specific order. The modified, undulated model is also used throughout training to allow continued adaptations to the desired qualities. All of these training aspects will be covered in greater detail throughout this Manual.


The Coach


Cal Dietz

Strength and Human Performance Coach, Sport Science Consultant


Cal Dietz has been an Olympic Sports Strength and Conditioning coach for numerous sports at the University of Minnesota since 2000. During his tenure, Dietz has trained athletes that have achieved 540+ All-American honors, 10 NCAA Team National Champions, Teams that have won 34 Big Ten/WCHA championships teams, 29 Big Ten/WCHA Conference tournaments, 22 NCAA Final Four appearances, He has consulted with Olympic and World Champions in various sports and professional athletes in the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, MMA and Professional Boxing.

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Jarlem Nascimento Junior

It is great to see the amount of knowledge Cal Dietz managed to organize in his books. Very didactic and ease to apply. Thank you so much. Jarlem Personal trainer from Brazil.

Dec 10, 17 06:56 PM

Sumit Kumar

This ias great course for strength and conditioning coaches thanks to Calvin Dietz sir for educating us on great topic ❤️🇮🇳

Jan 7, 21 01:47 PM

Uttam Baidya


Apr 10, 21 06:45 AM

Vicente Gonzales

Excellent information

Jun 19, 23 07:37 PM

Richard Morales

This has transformed my high school program

May 26, 24 07:11 PM

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