Best Tennis DRILLS and GAMES for KIDS

by Cosmin Miholca
Best Tennis DRILLS and GAMES for KIDS


Hi, I'm Cosmin Miholca, certified tennis teaching professional; welcome to Best Tennis Drills and Games for KIDS!

In this program, you'll find lots of exercises that I've been applying in my lessons with young students throughout my tennis teaching career. 

No matter how much time we want to spend on the technical and fitness aspects, the beginning players need to have fun on the court as well. 
Make tennis lessons fun and they will keep coming to their practice.

The best tennis drills and games are here, in this program, for you and your students. 


1 Best Tennis Drills for Kids Introduction
Coordination and Footwork
2 Introduction to Coordination and Footwork 3 Call-Toss / Bounce-Catch 4 Warm-Up Exercises 5 Sprint-Catch-Stop 6 Roundabout 7 Toss-Catch-Shuffle 8 Ball Tracking and Footwork - 2 9 Spider Web 10 Rainy Day 11 Five-Ball Race 12 Royal Court 13 Shuffle Two / Shuffle One 14 6 Balls Around 15 Dodge Ball 16 Cone Eight 17 Caterpillar 18 Toss-Turn-Catch 19 Roll and Catch 20 Dirty Hankie 21 Sandwich 22 Falling Towers 23 Quick Follow 24 Thieves 25 Strength and Balance 26 Clean the Court 27 Cat and Mouse - 1 28 Cat and Mouse - 2 29 Mirror 30 Line Hops 31 Alley Hop
Tennis Drills and Competitive Games
32 Introduction to Tennis Drills and Games 33 Lines 34 Warm-Up Drill 35 Ball Tracking and Footwork - 1 36 Set and Track 37 Short and Deep 38 One Up / One Back - Volley 39 One Up / One Back - Serve 40 3 Drills for Perfect Serve Toss 41 Pre-Serve Throw 42 Imaginary Friend 43 O-U-T 44 Plus 5 / Minus 5 45 High Five 46 You vs Basket 47 Plus Twenty 48 Snatch 49 Tidy / Messy 50 Red Hula / Green Hula 51 Step In 52 Seven Balls 53 Bounce It 54 Cone Hunting 55 One Short / One Deep 56 Around the Cone 57 Quick Recovery Drill 58 7-6-5-4-3-2-1-Go 59 Fifty 60 Team Fifty 61 Twenty-One / Five 62 Two Minutes 63 Potato Race 64 Closest Ball
Bonus: Ball Feeding Techniques
65 How to Feed the Ball Like a Pro - 1 of 5 2:03 66 How to Feed the Ball Like a Pro - 2 of 5 7:13 67 How to Feed the Ball Like a Pro - 3 of 5 1:44 68 How to Feed the Ball Like a Pro - 4 of 5 2:03 69 How to Feed the Ball Like a Pro - 5 of 5 3:08 70 Feeding Technique / Types of Balls for Young Children 2:20 71 THANK YOU

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Cosmin Miholca

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Hi, I'm Cosmin Miholca, a certified tennis coach!
I've been playing tennis for over 30 years and teaching it for more than 20 years, both in Southern California and more recently in Europe.
I've developed many online tennis courses to share my knowledge with anyone who wants to enjoy tennis, whether you're a coach or player, or whether you want to play recreationally or competitively.
Most of my work can be found at, where you'll discover some of the best coaching and training tennis courses.

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1. Who is the "Best Tennis Drills and Games for Kids" program for?
If you are a tennis parent or coach who wants to add variety and fun to kids' tennis lessons, this program is for you.

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Yes, CoachTube is a well-established marketplace that’s been in business for over 10 years, so your payment information is 100% secure.

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No. This program has a private license. If you wish to share it with someone, please direct them to this page.

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Of course, always. As soon as you sign up for this tennis program, you will receive the access information and my email included so you can ask me any questions.

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