Feed the Cats: Sprint the 400

by Tony Holler
Feed the Cats: Sprint the 400



“SPRINT THE 400” is the FIFTH course of an ambitious “Feed the Cats” certification program created by Tony Holler. This is a 200-level course, signifying that its content is TRACK SPECIFIC. 

Feed the Cats is a revolutionary way of training, coaching, and teaching that values specificity, essentialism, performance, and love. After gaining a world-wide following in Track & Field, FTC has now gained a foothold in American football.

The target audience of “SPRINT THE 400” is track coaches. There are over two hours of detailed teaching. Drawing a sharp distinction between the greatest college track coach of all time and “Feed the Cats” allows students to see the differences and develop their own philosophies towards training. The instruction connects simply and directly. With 39 years of coaching and teaching experience, Coach Holler has found ways to connect with his audience without the sophisticated complexity of most presenters. 

The first two courses,  The Speed Workout and X-Factor have a combined 2.5 hours of content, giving athletes (and coaches) everything they need to prioritize speed in the off-season. The third course, Block Starts, is arguably one of the most detailed instructional videos ever produced on the subject of block starts and acceleration. Record Rank Publish (over two hours) is the food of cats, the heart of the program. 

More courses are on the way!

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The Why
1 Introduction 0:40 2 Clyde Hart Nearly Ruined High School Track and Field 3:09 3 Slow Down to Run Faster? 1:18 4 Is the 400 a Sprint/Endurance Hybrid? 0:35 5 I’m Going to Call You “The Dragons” 1:26 6 "I Hate Track" 1:10 7 Buckminister Fuller 0:46 8 FTC: A New Model to Replace the Old Model 1:55 9 Centrist Thinking Never Produces Extreme Results 0:48 10 Example of Extreme Performance 2:22 11 21 Years, 42.58 1:00 12 Happy & Healthy 0:28 13 Why the 1500 Crushes Decathletes 1:21 14 The 400 is NOT a Hybrid 1:15 15 Full Disclosure 1:28 16 Clyde Hart’s 8 Workouts 0:42 17 Don Meyer’s 3 Stages of Coaching 0:55 18 ALTIS Flow Chart 0:52 19 The Essentialism of FTC 0:54 20 Hart and Holler Agree! 1:18 21 Feeding Cats and Chasing Rabbits 0:53 22 Keep Distance Coaches Away From Sprinters 0:54 23 Volume Never Creates Speed 0:42 24 FTC: Only Good for Elites? 2:10 25 Grow Where You Are Planted 4:21 26 Dopamine (It Sucks to be a Sprinter in Illinois) 1:28 27 The Football Factor 0:56 28 FTC Overarching Approach 2:29
Aerobic Base or Speed Reserve?
29 Conventional Wisdom: Aerobic Base 1:50 30 The Clyde Hart Off-Season 3:35 31 Kill the Cats? 1:55 32 Why it Worked at Baylor 0:53 33 Speed Reserve 1:14 34 Speed is the Key: Ernie Clark 2:22 35 FTC Off-Season Specifics 6:05
Training In-Season
36 Clyde Hart: Long to Short 4:50 37 Kill the Cats: Part II 2:45 38 Feed the Cats Programming 2:02 39 Sample In-Season Practice Plan 2:26 40 In-Season Overview 1:38 41 How to Cook 5:20 42 Speed Creates Endurance NOT Vice Versa 2:05 43 Speed Creates Sprint Capacity, NOT Vice Versa 1:38
Lactate Workouts
44 Lactate War Zone 0:57 45 Lactate Workouts Explained 6:03 46 Three Workouts 0:37 47 The 23-Second Drill 7:00 48 The 600M 4x4 Predictor 4:39 49 The 450M 4x4 Predictor 2:46 50 Critical Zone Workout 3:50 51 Kahmari Montgomery 2:13 52 Marcellus Moore 0:53 53 Hart and Holler Agree on Science 1:53 54 Lactate Threshold 1:21 55 The Speed Endurance Myth 3:36 56 The Trick Question: Who’s in Better Shape? 1:36 57 Get Aerobically Fit Doing Anaerobic Work 1:33 58 Cats Don’t Jog 0:39 59 The Wrap Up 2:33 60 Feed The Cats 205 Quiz 61 THE SURVIVAL OF KING MITHRIDATES 62 The 400 is a Sprint 63 The 4×4 Predictor – Track Football Consortium 64 Logistics of the 23-Second Drill – Track Football Consortium

The Coach


Tony Holler

Head track coach at Plainfield North High School. 42 years experience coaching football, basketball, and track. Member of Illinois Track & Field Hall of Fame and Co-director of Track Football Consortium with Chris Korfist


  • Head Boy's Track & Field at Plainfield North High School (IL)
  • Retired Chemistry Teacher
  • Public Speaker
  • Writer for FreelapUSA, SimpliFaster, & ITCCCA
  • Creator and Owner of "Feed the Cats"
  • Co-Owner of Track Football Consortium
  • Certified Teacher of Reflexive Performance Reset

Ratings and Reviews (11)

Glenda Connelly

This course was so interesting, with lots of ideas to incorporate into my program.

Dec 16, 20 11:52 AM

Brad Cooley

Very good.

Jan 17, 21 06:39 PM

Johnny Peterson

👍🏾 great

Jan 18, 21 10:39 AM

Sunny Huynh


Apr 3, 21 01:18 PM

Scott Smith

very good

Nov 2, 21 10:10 AM

Shane Burrows

Realize that speed is always the answer.

Jan 30, 22 02:52 PM

Tanner McGee

Excellent course for anyone who is managing a small, multi-sport population of sprinters. Coach Holler has done a great job of combining the science of sprinting and the psychology of coaching high school athletes. Keep them healthy, keep them happy, and get them fast!

Feb 4, 23 07:27 AM

Nikolaos Florakis

Excellent course , as usual. At last you can train your lactate tolerance and see real time results, without getting involved with tons of useless 300s , ladders, etc.

Feb 5, 23 12:45 PM

Jason Novak

Outstanding information. Learned a lot and challenged my way of thinking in some areas. Excited to watch more courses.

Apr 16, 23 11:01 AM

Tony Holler has completely changed my approach to track.

May 3, 23 01:48 PM

Jake Sullivan

Very informative

Oct 11, 23 07:30 PM

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