Deep Stretch Yoga

This course is for all-levels, all you need is your body and some pillows from your couch or bed. Pick videos per body part for a 20 minute DEEP STRETCH, or add videos together to create your own custom 60-120 minute practice. Give it a try with the Deep Stretch Hips video! ENJOY!

SarahBethYoga SarahBethYoga

Modern day Yoga & lifestyle videos made for the modern day yogi.

New to yoga? No worries! Sarah Beth's style caters to all levels with modifications and encouraging cues built in. Her teachings are clear and precise so you can get on your mat, do yoga, and go on with your day. Intermediate yogi? Great! SarahBethYoga has plenty of Level 2 and advanced videos to challenge you and get you even stronger and deeper in your practice.

SarahBethYoga has generated over 15 million views on her YouTube channel, created over 280 yoga videos and is one of the top yoga instructors on Youtube. She recently launched a membership site with an exclusive app and engages with followers on facebook & instagram. Follow SarahBethYoga for daily practice reminders, motivation and inspiration to strengthen your yoga practice on & off the mat.

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