Positionless Basketball
The Read & React
An untraditional paradigm
Those are three difficult things to explain, and yet they are all tied together. If you explain one, you probably have to explain the other two. If you’re new to this, then don’t be surprised…

Don’t be surprised that parents don’t understand. When it comes to their own kids, they’re insane anyway! Those who don’t know basketball will certainly not understand what you’re doing and those who played a little bit in their past life will only understand basketball through the lens of their past –the traditional way of doing things.
Don’t be surprised that fans, friends, and family don’t understand. When your team reaches the point where they play the R&R Way, fans, friends, and family will like what they see and jump on your bandwagon, but that is not an indication that they understand what you’re doing. They simply like what they see – enjoy it!
Don’t be surprised that veteran players, even your best players, give you some pushback. They are veterans of TRADITION, not the R&R; not Positionless Basketball; and they are used to being told where and how they will get their shots. In the beginning, they will not know how or where or when they will get “their shots”. Eventually, they will, but don’t be surprised when you get pushback in the early stages.
The Christmas break might be a good chance for you to get these groups together and bring them into the R&R Positionless tribe. Get some Ginger Ale and cookies together and use the holiday to invite them to a “insert-your-mascot-here Holiday Get-Together”.

Make sure you have a big enough room with a big enough TV for all to see. Play a few clips from your games (brag on their kids or brag on your players if that’s the group) and then use anything from the RREVOLUTION that might capture their imagination. You don’t have to teach them the entire R&R, but you can make them familiar with some of the rules of the Foundation – why they must cut when they pass; why they must be disciplined to their spots; etc. Explain the freedom AND the responsibility. Explain the R&R language and especially the CULTURE that you are creating. Recruit them to help build your culture. Make them a part of it. It’s exciting! It’s contagious!

If you’re not sure what to say, just talk about why YOU are excited. Like I said, it’s contagious! It’s a virus! They’ll catch it!

When parents, fans, administrators, have drunk the Kool-Aid, your job will get easier. These are the people who are in the ears of your players when you’re not around (and that’s most of the time).

When you hear a parent or a fan in the stands yelling “Cut Johnny!” or “Cut Mareka!” And when your parents are asking them why they didn’t cut on their ride home “Your defender was over the Read Line! Why didn’t you cut?!” – you’ll know your program is on its way to new heights!