Every game on every level seems to boil down to a CONTEST for BASIC PRINCIPLES.


Which team can maintain the best spacing, ball movement, and player movement for the most possessions?
Which team can take the most uncontested shots?
Which team can take the easiest shots (the most third-grade shots)?
Which team sets the most effective screens?
Which team can force the other team to play THEIR game?

Which team can reduce the number of times that the ball gets to the lane?
Which team can limit the other team to only one shot per possession?
Which team can keep more pressure on the ball for the most possessions?
Which team can “contest” the most shots?
Which team stays in a stance and moves in a stance throughout the entire defensive possession?

Which team has the most players that can play ON-BALANCE for the entire game?
Which team completes the most passes?
Which team contains the most players who can shoot “in-rhythm” and “un-rushed?”
Which team shoots the most shots with players stepping TOWARD the goal?
Which team shoots Free Throws the best?
If you can check off more principles from the above list than your opponents can, the odds are that you win! RUNNING the Read & React Offense, along with GUARDING the Read & React Offense every day in practice, should be teach and reinforce the BASIC PRINCIPLES that lead to a successful team.

Thanks to all the Read & React Revolution coaches who have “stayed the course” for the entire year! I hope that you have picked up something along the way that will make you a better coach, teacher, and leader! I especially thank you for helping spread the READ & REACT REVOLUTION to the basketball community!