I’m not sure about the TRUTH of the thoughts below, but I find myself meditating on each of these more than once.

Whether you and your team are intentional or not, you will establish and advertise your BRAND every time you’re together – whether on the floor or off the floor.

Boys must Battle to Bond. Girls must Bond in order to Battle.

Never be fooled by those who know a lot, but love very little.

It’s OK to not be OK. It’s not OK to stay that way.

Our devotion to God is illustrated, demonstrated, and authenticated by our love for others.

Those who are satisfied ONLY with wins are in great danger of losing EVERYTHING when they lose a game.

What you have learned from basketball (that’s NOT basketball) becomes evident when you can no longer play. Learn more than just the game while you have the chance to play. Those things will follow your for the rest of your life.

Two important characteristics that I must CONSTANTLY cultivate within myself: (1) the ability to be transformed and (2) the ability to be inspired. If I lose these two, I might as well be dead.

ANXIETY comes from (1) Problems I cannot solve, (2) People I cannot control, and (3) Expectations I cannot meet.

My relationship with my players is more important than my players being impressed with me.

Every day, I have to Remember, Remind, Recite and Hold On to my “WHY”.