Here are 4 Real Estate Drills to help players learn how to create their own Real Estate Drives.

REMINDER: “Real Estate” describes large open areas of the floor where HELPING defenders do NOT exist! (Players should DRIVE into Real Estate!)

Player in the CORNER passes “uphill” to the WING and cuts, seeking action on the other side of the floor (like a back-screen). The WING can drive baseline Real Estate. This is close to a Draft Drive, but the timing is not quite as important since there’s no defense towards the baseline.
HOT POTATO: Two quick consecutive passes on the perimeter will create Real Estate for the receiver.
Combine #1 and #2: CORNER passes uphill to the WING who “hot potato” passes to the TOP. If both the Corner and Wing seek action on the other side of the floor (like back-screens), the TOP has Real Estate to drive: an entire side of the floor.
I don’t like players holding the ball too long in a corner – there is little space and a good chance to be trapped. One of the things to encourage a CORNER receiver to do is to Double-Dribble-At the WING and the TOP. The moment the TOP cuts, the ballhandler can change directions and drive Real Estate that he/she has created – an entire side of the floor!