I get this question a lot: “What would I suggest for off-season workouts?” Well, I’m always looking for a way to get 2, 3, or 4 birds with one stone. (I think its in my DNA – I just can’t help myself!) J

My first suggestion is to go to the LIBRARY (not any library – the Better Basketball website Library) and watch THE 2-PLAYER READ & REACT WORKOUT.

Now, if you don’t have All-Access, it’s only $20 for a 25-minute workout. (Actually, the workout takes longer, but its not edited entirely in real time!)

The workout shows 2 players alternating between being the initiator and receiver of Read & React actions. Let’s explore why this is my preferred off-season 2-player workout, but keep in mind that this is STAGE ONE of my off-season workout plan:

If your players don’t know all of the Layers of the Read & React, this is a great way for them to learn them and leave you more time for other things when the off-season is over and team practice has begun.
If they do know them, this gives them time to sharpen the reactions and the timing.
They are forced to work on their fundamentals when going through these Reaction Drills:Passing
Catching on the move
Catching and shooting
Catching and driving
Receiving in the post
Feeding the post
Finishing lay-ups from all angles
1on1 moves from Triple Threat position
1on1 moves off the dribble
They will learn natural combinations of actions – not just single actions.
This kind of workout gives the players a purpose to their workout and a clear beginning and end to the workout.
It only takes two players (it might be best to pair veterans with rookies)

Compete 2on2. After two pair of players have completed STAGE ONE, they compete 2on2 with the rule that they must at least INITIATE each possession with a Read & React action.


Three-Player Read & React Workout: With a third player in the workout, all of their actions become combinations.


After six players have reviewed their actions (Stage Three above), they compete 3on3. There really should not be any need for a rule – just play the Read & React – its that simple!

This is one of the most unsung advantages of using the Read & React system. You don’t need 10 players (5on5) to sharpen your offense! You don’t need a coach to manage the game! All you need is players who want to get the most enjoyment from playing this great game!