Last week, we looked at TAKING TURNS with the lane. More specifically, we looked at TAKING TURNS WITH SCORING OPPORTUNITIES as the best “Style of Play” that fits the Read & React.

Well, it doesn’t just “fit” the Read & React. It will:

Help put your offense on steroids,
Cut down on turnovers,
Cut down on indecisions (what’s next?)
Adjust your tempo to the right speed.

Player A has the ball. It’s Player A’s turn for a scoring opportunity. He/she could shoot, drive to the goal, or pass, cut, and look to score in the lane. But let’s pretend Player A turns down those 3 opportunities and Dribbles East-West toward teammate B. (See Layer 3 Dribble East-West (at a Teammate))
The opportunity has just switched to Player B because Player B must basket cut. (See Layer 3 Action A: Dribble-At a Teammate: Opportunity for the Cutter)
If Player B is not open, the opportunity switches back to the ballhandler (Player A) who has a chance to Draft Drive the cut made by Player B. (See Layer 3 Action C: Dribble-At Draft Drive: Opportunity for the Ballhandler)
If Player A (the ballhandler) decides NOT to drive, then the opportunity to use the lane switches to Player C who is filling the empty spot behind Player A. (See Layer 3 Action B: Double Dribble-At: Opportunity for the Filler) Everyone on the floor knows that the opportunity has switched to Player C (filling the empty spot), when A turns around with the dribble (essentially turning down the opportunity to Draft Drive) and takes a dribble towards Player C.
If Player C is not open, then the opportunity switches back to Player A who has a chance to Draft Drive behind Player C’s cut. (See Layer 3 Action D: Double Dribble-At : Opportunity for the Ballhandler)
MY TURN, YOUR TURN – Each player has their chance with the lane. We must take turns with the lane. No player is so great that they can hog the lane all of the time!

Share the lane, share the ball, alternate scoring opportunities. It’s the best style of play!

Next week, we look at LAYER 4: DRIBBLE NORTH-SOUTH. Until then, permeate your practice with this style of play and tell me what you get! Good luck!