When I place a player in the Short Corner, I can tell that he/she feels like they’ve been taken out of the action. To a certain degree, this is true. The Short Corner Player (or The Flank) is not involved in the perimeter actions of the other four teammates.

In fact, the offense looks like it’s changed into a 4on4 game, but, as you well know; the Read & React is a coordinated 5-player attacking system! So what do you do with the Short Corner Player? Does the Short Corner feel LESS of a player because he/she is not involved? It’s easy for them to feel this way if we’re not careful. This is why I’ve given the Short Corner the moniker “THE SHORT CORNER ASSASIN.” Here’s how I describe their role:

Like a good assassin, you are almost hiding from the other team – hiding and watching for the right opportunity and right defender to attack!

If you are ball-side, your target is any helping defender – usually playing in a gap. You must sprint from your post and set the Baby Pin.
If you are weak-side, your target is any helping defender in the lane. Set a Diagonal or Classic Pin Screen.
If a ball-screen occurs on your side, your target is the defender who takes the screener. Head-hunt that defender; screen-the-screener; and then pop to the perimeter.
When everyone has forgotten about you, and the ball is on your wing, call for the ball, and feed the Laker Cut. It’s going to be a fast, straight basket cut by the wing who passed you the ball. If the cutter is not open, you will have great vision to pass to your teammates with no chance of being double-teamed from behind.
When you catch the ball in the Short Corner, you can face-up and use your perimeter moves to attack the basket. You are one quick dribble from finishing on either side of the goal. Being half the distance to the goal than you would be if you were on the perimeter, makes it difficult for the defense to give quick help.
You can always dive into the post off the tail of a cutter when the defense is relaxed and is least expecting it!
Like a good Sniper, pick your targets and choose your timing!