Your team’s on defense.

The ball is passed into the mid-post.

What’s the first thing that goes off in your head? Is it an alarm? Is it at least a moment of concern? If you were a fan in the bleachers and you saw the ball passed into the post, don’t you at least pause – midsentence in conversation with your friend – to see what’s going to happen? Even if you don’t know a whole lot about the game – you’re little more than a fan – your heart jumps just a little bit when the ball is passed inside!

For some coaches, a pass into the post is more than just a slight concern. Leaving the post defender to guard the ball 1on1 means you’re going to lose. It’s that simple.

So, many coaches instantly double-team the post with specific positions and choreographed rotations. Some coaches instantly collapse on the post if they’re playing Zone. These coaches are going to do something out of the ordinary to force the ball back outside.

Where am I going with this? This is obvious, right?

Your opponents react with a sense of urgency when the ball goes inside. Your Read & React offense needs to have the same sense of urgency! This is why PASSING THE BALL NORTH-SOUTH (feeding the post) is the second Layer of the offense. It’s a high priority!

When the ball is passed into the post:

I want an INSTANT Laker Cut!

I want all players on the perimeter FILLING the empty spots INSTANTLY!

WHY? Because the defense will be moving on the air-time of the pass into the post! Any hesitation – ANY hesitation by the Laker Cutter will eventually cost you a turnover. By your first game, any hesitation by the player feeding the post is reason enough to substitute instantly! Again, why? Because the players on the perimeter cannot fill their empty spots until the Laker Cutter creates an empty spot by INSTANTLY cutting! The Laker Cutter is the one who starts this chain of actions, movement, and scoring opportunities!

Perhaps you’re still saying, “So what?” Because when the post is fed, I need motion from EVERYONE! I need scoring threats from EVERYONE – not just the post player! Why? Because my opponent is coming after my player in the post and I need as many options as possible to occupy the defense and HINDER my opponent’s defensive plans for the post!

Are you selling Layer 2 with this sense of urgency? It’s not what we teach, it’s what we EMPHASIZE!